Sister, Sister… Working With Your Sister

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The number one questions we received most during our time owning our boutique and still get asked on the regular is…”How do you work with your sister?!” 

To be honest, Cristie and I have worked along side each other way before owning our own business. We went to the same College, pledged the same sorority (social club at our school), joined the same business club and even chose to take some of the same classes in school! I guess you can say we have always chose to do life together.

Over the years we have noticed that we actually function more as twins, and we are often asked if we’re twins when we are out, since we are so close in age. Cristie and I connect on that type of level. We are constantly on the same wave link which came in handy while running our boutique, ShopbellaC! We tend to know what each other is feeling or about to say before even they do, which has its benefits, especially as business partners. 

One of our hardest years ever was the first year I got married and moved away to Northwest Arkansas. Although it was a beautiful location and had so much to offer, we missed each other like crazy! Luckily, we had to the opportunity to visit each other as much as possible during that time apart and then we ended up coming back a year later. 

The older I get the more I realize what a HUGE role our amazing mom played in our close relationship. She modeled what an incredible sister relationship could look like with her sister. She taught us to value each other’s talents, appreciate one another’s differences and ALWAYS have each other’s back! And of course never forget to be each other’s biggest cheerleader… Even if it meant shamelessly cheering for me as I rode the bench in basketball during middle school!  But seriously, we never have felt competitive with each other, we have always known we are on the same team. No matter what. 

Many of you who know us personally, know that we are actually pretty different when it comes to our personalities. We joke that we are each other’s ‘yin & yang’ (like the old doodles you drew in middle school).  I’d be lying if I said we never disagree, of course we do but it causes us to take a minute once in a while… and I think in those moments we challenge each other the most, to get outside of our comfort zones and strive for our best!  

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Laura’s Outfit
Top: Forever 21, Similar Style  | Bottoms:  Jeans now on SALE! | Earrings: Shein Tassel Hoops, Similar Style – love these colors for fall! | Shoes: Forever 21 – we are OBSESSED with these! Similar Style | Bag: Forever 21, Similar Style – multiple colors but the Mauve/Purple color for fall is on my wish list |Sunglasses: Kate Spade – 50% off on this site!, also available here!
 Cristie’s Outfit
Top: Forever 21 I also bought it in black! Can’t wait to wear it with sweaters in the fall! | Bottoms: VICI Collection– these have zero stretch so I went a size up! | Necklace: Shein – ONLY $5!!! | Bag: LV – purchased in store but they are available on Tradesy | Sunglasses: Nordstrom (available in store $16)

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