Evelyn Henson Wish List

Evenly Henson is one of our favorite gift lines! Her line of mugs, prints, notebooks and greeting cards are truly one of a kind. She creates every print personally and has such an amazing eye for design! We even used to carry in our boutique and it was always a hit with our customers! We love the colorful and playful feel of all of the pieces that she creates.


Her merchandise also make for the best gifts! They are so reasonably priced and she can even create custom pieces for you… these are some of our favorite on our wish list that she currently has online.  She can put your beloved furry friend on a mug that you can enjoy while drinking your morning coffee! Shop her entire collection here!

*** Real Life Update***

So, this was supposed to be written and posted by 8am this morning, but then life happened…. As some know I have 2 boys which keeps life very exciting and eventful! And this morning was no different… as we got back from taking Beckham to pre-school, Chamberlain decided he wanted to grab something off the kitchen table– he is a year and a half old so anything in reach is ‘in play’ for him. So, he proceeded to grab a glass cup and in the midst of taking off the table, then dropped it, the glass shattered and then he tripped into the glass. He ended up cutting his poor forehead which led us to the hospital, trying to decide if we should do stitches or surgical glue. Talk about mom anxiety trying to decide that!! We went with the glue and praying it heals correctly. Being a boy mom is a constant learning curve and I swear is only manageable because God is good and answers prayers… Could have been much worse! We are back from the hospital and Chambo is happy as a lark because he left with a massive lolli-pop from the doctor.

So happy Wednesday everyone! Hope its a tad less eventful than ours had to be!



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