Beating The Fall Heat

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It sounds ridiculous but I am always surprised how HOT it stays in Dallas in the fall. I mean, seriously, can we get a cool breeze around here! And to make it worse, it seems like every store teases you with all those new chunky sweaters you love and want to cozy up in now but know it’s pretty much a pipe dream to do any type of bundling up until closer to December. #Firstworldproblems, I know.

But for all the all the southern state girls in my same situation, here is one of my solutions to feel like I’m not missing out on the season. I look for light weight fabrics that still give you that fall feel in color and style. I was so happy when I came across this top from Shein because it had the rich olive color that I love for fall but also was off the shoulder and super breathable so it would burn me up to wear. Confession, I liked it so much when it came in that I actually ended up buying it in 2 other colors too! And its 50% OFF right now so its practically buy one, get one free 🙂 I also came across this necklace from Express recently, and if I am being completely honest, my last express experience was in high school during that phase when every girl HAD to have their jeans.  I was totally guilty of begging my mom for the light and dark wash because, “I had to have options.” I know some of you can relate! But getting back to now, I was super impressed with their fall collection and also their accessories! I found this necklace that was multi- layer and was pumped because even though it has layers, its still super light weight – because nothing is worse than a necklace that can almost give you a head ache after wearing it a few hours. But this one is worth it and I have loved pairing it with all different outfits! Hope you all are having a great week! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

 Outfit Details

Top: Shein – Currently 50% OFF!  | Bottoms: Forever 21 – I have been wearing these on repeat! SO comfortable!| Necklace: Express, LOVE this similar style too!  | Shoes: Marc Fisher – totally worth the investment for how comfortable they are!| Bag: The Providence Story – Love her tassels too! Awesome gift idea! | Sunglasses: Quay – Also available at Nordstroms!






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