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Last week I had the privilege of attending a life changing conference called the IF Lead. IF Lead is a Christian leadership conference composed of women from all religious backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and from locations all over the world!  It was such an incredible experience that I am excited to share more about this week on our “Weekly Inspo” tab! After this week’s tragic event in Las Vegas, it has my mind refocusing on all of the wisdom and advice the speakers spoke of last week.

I don’t know if any of you are like me, but I often keep myself so busy that there is rarely time to slow down and reflect. But when an event like Vegas occurs, it makes us all stop and think about the people involved. My heart breaks over the families who have been immediately affected by this horrific event. It makes my heart long for ways that I could actually help these families during their grieving process. It is hard to not to feel helpless or that there is nothing that we can do.

Last night at our Bible study, we had an awesome discussions about the tragedy. I love getting to hear others thoughts and opinions on our world’s issues and struggles. I find that it helps challenge my way of thinking and encourages me to grow as an individual.

One of the things that had been brought up when we discussed things we could actually do for the victims and there families (since we are located so far away) was to simply pray specific prayers for the individuals who were affected. This would involve taking some time to learn about families and their loved ones who were involved. The amazing thing is, in that very small group of people, we were able to identify 5 individuals that we knew immediately through friends & co-workers that were actually at that concert. WOW. We decided as a group that instead of just praying a general prayer we would specifically pray for these individuals. Prayer is powerful and it does change things.

All of the individuals we knew survived this horrible event, but they will have scars too. They will have internalized, emotional scars that will take time and prayer to heal. We prayed that God would help heal their wounds of anxiety and fear, as they have become deep wounds due to what they saw and experienced that night.

I challenge you to not feel helpless in this time but to actively seek out individuals and their families that you can bless with the gift of prayer!

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For Details on Cristie’s outfit click here!

For Details on Cristie’s outfit click here!


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