Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2017

Being totally honest…Christmas shopping for my hubs is always surprising. Not because I struggle to find things I’d love to buy him but because I married a total outdoors man. Don’t get me wrong, I love that about him BUT over the years I have learned that what I like buying for him and what he would like me to buy him can be VERY different!

Durning our first Christmas together, while still dating, I realized that though my man is super easy going and doesn’t ask for much- I need to really listen to what he asks for. Me on the other hand, I throw out tons of options and am happy with any of them and forget the things I didn’t get. Garrett prefers to almost pre-shop for himself and then report back to me what he definitely wants. Sooo 3 years later, I finally do just that. With that being said, I must add that God has a great sense of humor, because never in a million years would I think I would be buying a “ghillie hunting suit” as a Christmas gift this year (seriously?!?)… or for any gift- any year, for that matter. But apparently, that’s what my man has been missing during his hunting trips. So instead of a great pair of leather loafers, I’ll be searching the hunting gear section…for something that looks similar to the loch ness monster!

After I buy his personal Christmas list must-haves, I love adding a few things I know he will like. Which also makes something a surprise under the tree! I have rounded up some great gift ideas that I will definitely be adding under our tree! And also highlighting some great options for the guys that are hard to shop for!

One thing that is a go-to gift idea that I tell almost every girlfriend that is in a bind on what to add to their guys Xmas gifts is a yeti cup/ mug. They are a great option because they can be used year round, hot or cold. Garret takes his with him to work every morning and also brings it on every beach trip with us. So we have definitely gotten our moneys worth out of it! And if you want to splurge the Yeti cooler is an awesome investment also!

If you have a guy that is in the professional world, the Invicta Watch brand is amazing! I have shopped these with guy friends for a long time because they look super sharp but also are great quality! Plus they are water proof so they can wear them all the time! They can be a little bit of a splurge, so you may want to make it your mans main gift and add a few small things with it this year but it’s always been a total hit with my guy friends who have bought/received them!

The Bose wireless speaker is a little bit of a splurge as well, but let me tell you… we are OBSESSED with ours! We actually received it as a wedding gift (thanks friends!) and have absolutely loved it. We take it everywhere because it has the BEST sound and you don’t have to have WiFi or anything else to use it. I believe the battery life is 8/10hrs so you can use it all day long. This is another item that always makes our beach trips! We love using it while sitting by the water with our favorite beach playlist Garrett made for us on Spotify!

Another great gift choice, especially if your man needs maybe a little “wardrobe help” (Garrett definitely fell under this category when we first started dating!) are buying him clothes. My rule for clothes shopping for guys: Buy no more than 2 clothing pieces for him, UNLESS he has been verbally open about wanting some new threads. Then go crazy not really but add more as needed! But for the girls that just want to subtly add to their mans style, some advice: don’t go over board on patterns or styles. Just look for items that can be a great staple in their closet. I always suggest a pair of GOOD jeans (designer dark wash is my go-to) and a great neutral button down. I also love a quilted and/or fleece vest, they are so handsome on guys!
My favorite places to pick up designer/ good quality items is at Nordstrom Rack or Saks Off Fifth– you can always find awesome deals on designer items so your Christmas budget can go a little further I was also pleasantly surprised by J.Crew Factory Outlet this year! They have some great deals for guys!

Shop these great clothing outfits or you can scroll through more outfit options below!


I am always a big fan of giving more of an experience/ event that creates great memories than doing a ton of physical gifts. Some things in the past I have given are football tickets or tickets to an upcoming concert that I know a Garrett would love to go but wouldn’t buy for himself. Or try blocking out a long weekend and say you want to take them on a trip- Garrett has been wanting to go skiing so that’s one I keep thinking about making a surprise gift (You better still act surprised, Gare! ).  You don’t have to pay for the whole trip but you can initiate the planning for a fun place for the two of you (or a group of y’all) to visit.

I hope this helps some and can give you some ideas for the men in your lives! Thanks for reading along! 


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