The Father’s Feathers

One of the sweetest gifts we received lately was the book “The Father’s Feathers”! It is a children’s book that talks about God’s love for us! It uses a charming story to remind children that God is always with us and gives us constant reminders that he is watching over us.

The best part is that the book includes the beautiful lullaby Addi (the author) wrote for her daughter Charli Kay! This little story and lullaby will melt your heart. My children adore it!

My four year old, Beckham, has even memorized the song! It is truly one of the sweetest blessings to hear my children singing sweet songs about the Lord that are now imprinted on their hearts.

Addi, is truly one of my best friends in the whole world. She is an amazing vocalist with a beautiful heart. I love that her husband, Caleb, encouraged her to not only write this book, but to also include a CD of her singing The Father’s Feathers lullaby. She has blessed so many with her gift of music.  I know she will bless you too!

Shop the Book: The Fathers Feather’s Book 

*Only $10.00 AND includes the CD making it THE PERFECT GIFT for your friends with babies as well!*

Listen to Addi singing: The Father’s Feathers Lullaby  

Already have Christmas gifts covered?  The Father’s Feathers is the perfect gift for an upcoming baby shower or birthday gifts for kids. It is my new go to gift for all my friends having babies! It is always wonderful to be able to give a gift that is meaningful and one of a kind!

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