Recharging in Georgia // Cozy Winter Guide

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Garrett and I spent this last weekend at my family’s property in Georgia. Garrett is a huge hunter and it being the second to last weekend of deer season, he was itching to go one last time…*side note: I have NEVER known nor cared about hunting or its seasons before Gare- and scarily, I am beginning to know more about this sport than I ever hoped to know! Lol. I guess that’s marriage for you, learning to find interest in what the other one finds interesting. So, if Garrett is sweet enough to act interested in my love of make up and finding the perfect new parka for me, then I’ll sit in a deer stand and try to stay quiet for a couple hours for him 🙂 *

Our weekend pretty much consisted of relaxing, taking walks through the trails, enjoying the fresh air and hearing about the different ways you grade a bucks antlers. It was such a great weekend to disconnect for the most part and just enjoy being together.

It was also FREEZING while we were there so I tried to stay as warm and cozy as possible! I LOVE any reason to bundle up so I was all about it- bring on all the warm cozy sweaters, fleece vests and fuzzy blankets! While Garrett went out hunting one morning I decided to create a collection of my favorites things to stay cozy this winter PLUS I have put together 3 fool proof cute and cozy outfits to live in all winter long! Some of these great pieces are currently on SALE! So don’t wait to long to snag them! Hope you love checking them out and finding a few must-haves to stay warm and cozy in this winter! Happy Monday everyone!


***Also quick PSA: If you have not invested in these leggings below you are seriously missing out!! They are game changers with the high waistband! I wear mine almost everyday so I had to another pair!***

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