10 things I’m loving this month (Under $50!)

I have been wanting to share some new goodies (ie. clothes, makeup and products) that I have been obsessed with this month. I’m aware that the grouping is a bit of a mixed bag but I thought they are all too good not to share the love and info about these awesome products!

1.  Color Block Cardigan |2.  Ivory Camisole| 3. St. Tropez Tanning Mousse|4. Claudile Beauty Elixir|5. Contour & Strobe Lip Set by Huda|6. Gold 3 Tier Jewelry Stand|7. Gold Disk Necklace|8. Cinnamon|9. CAPRI BLUE 15 OZ. VOLCANO|10. Amazon Fire Stick |SPLURGE.  The Farrah High Wast Jeans by AG

So here are the top 10 things the I have been all about….and by that I really mean things I’ve been wearing on repeat to the point that Garrett actually notices…

1.  Color Block Cardigan 

Oh my word. Hands-down. Favorite. Sweater. Right now! I am not always a huge color person when it comes to sweaters  but this one is ahhhmazing! The color is so pretty and I love how it fits…meaning it hits lower than my butt and covers my hips (YAAS!) And the sleeves have the perfect amount of balloon sleeve to them!

Seriously though, I would strongly recommend it AND it’s only $48! Steal! It’s going to be perfect going into the awkward not super cold/not really warm yet season that is always SO hard to dress for!


2.  Ivory Camisole

This is my new go-to.I have been wearing it a TON because it is such a great basic. My favorite parts are that is has adjustable straps and its double lined so it’s not see through! This cami is perfect to wear under sweaters and blazers right now but I will definitely wear it alone when it warms up for summer! Also it comes in black, which I will be buying! Great inexpensive year-round basic!


3. St. Tropez Tanning Mousse

I don’t  know about anyone else but I HATE cold weather… like to the point that Garrett jokes that I turn into a completely different person in the cold because I can’t handle it. I don’t know what it is exactly but being cold makes me want to bundle up and become a hermit. Part of that I believe also has to do with the unfortunate pasty pale color my skin turns in the winter…( seriously nothing compliments purple white skin!) so I ALWAYS use this tanner to at least help me feel like I’m tan and happy on a warm and sunny day. Seriously its the most real color tan I have found out of a bottle.. and I have tried A LOT of different brands!  My routine: I usually put it on once a week after a night shower and then sleep in it. Some people hate sleeping in tanning lotion but I like giving it the 7 or 8 hours to soak in before I wash it off the next morning. Also, I have mentioned this in a previous post but I strongly suggest you spend the additional $6 and buy the glove with it. It saves you from spending extra time scrubbing your hands afterward!

4. Claudile Beauty Elixir

I was recently talked into this while at Sephora because I was wanting to find something to set my makeup and also keep my face hydrated (I have the driest skin!). I have now been using it for over a month and must say I really like it! You can use it as a toner to help firm up your skin or in between your foundation and powder to help set your makeup (which is what I use it for). I feel like it really does help reduce the appearance of my pores and the scent smells like you just came from a spa…which I love because I need allllllllll the zen vibes in my hot mess! Also available in a mini size  which is perfect if you want to try it with out investing in the large bottle!

5. Contour & Strobe Lip Set by Huda

This was actually one of my stocking stuffers from Gare! *Snaps for my man on picking up my subtle hints!* I tried this is the store and loved it but now that I own it it is one of my go-to for neutral everyday lips! I have the color kit Bombshell and love the lip liner that comes in it. Lip liner is actually a newer thing for me to wear but for the last year its become a necessity so that my lip color stays put and doesn’t run. IF you are in the market for a new neutral color a strongly suggest this kit because you get a lip stain, lip pencil and a gloss for $25 AND it actually is a great size – not the fun size that only gives you like 3 wears!


6. Gold 3 Tier Jewelry Stand

I shared this on our Insta stories when it first arrived and I was so happy to hear that a lot of you had been on the hunt for a new jewelry stand and loved this one too! I love that it is gold and white so it aesthetically works and is pretty on my desk, but more importantly, it’s helping me to actually keep my jewelry more organized.  It’s under $25 so its not a splurge if I decide to buy a matching one!


7. Gold Disk Necklace

We recently did a giveaway with these because we had so many of you interested in more details on this set! I comes with 3 gold necklaces but I usually only wear the 2 gold disk ones together. I seriously wear them ever other day because they go with anything with a V-type collar. I actually bought the dupe but you can shop the same style necklace from BaubleBar here.

8. Cinnamon

I know, super random you may say, but I have been starting to add it to my coffee each morning because of the incredible benefits it has for your metabolism and stabilizing blood sugar. I absolutely LOVE it and really do think it has helped some with my metabolism! You can pick this up in the spice section of any grocery store but I linked my favorite one here! It helps add great flavor to my coffee and helps me not use creamer everyday. OR if you don’t like the taste of cinnamon as much you can also take these cinnamon capsules/vitamins- I recently picked these up to try because they have received such incredible reviews!


I have loved these candles forever because they smell so incredible but since the holidays are over I have been missing all the festive aromas so I’ve been keeping this candle lit all the time. Plus, they have such a long burn life that it lasts forever it seems. These candles come in different jar options but I love this mercury style and it looks great in all rooms because its so neutral! If you are a candle lover you neeeeeed to check these out or if you know some one who loves candles these make the best gifts!

10. Amazon Fire Stick

So we have a smart tv that already has the Netflix app on it but we recently picked up an Amazon Fire Stick because of all the other apps it hosts. We are loving it and are currently binge watching The Crown, Poldark (if you love Downton Abbey you will love this show!) and also loving the larger selection of movie options! I you don’t have an Apple TV and are considering getting it – I would totally suggest checking these out also because they are half the price and offer just as much!


SPLURGE.  The Farrah High Wast Jeans by AG

So this is the only thing not under $50. It is a bit of a splurge because they are over $100 but In my opinion, a good pair of jeans is one of the best investments for your wardrobe! These are my personal favorite because they are high waisted. So, they give me that extra “support” through my middle and I feel that I have officially passed the age where low cut jeans really flatter any part of me. I totally understand that these may be too much for your budget right now but they are great to keep in mind if you have an upcoming bday or anniversary – you could use the money or a gift card towards them! Or, you can check out poshmark and look for a great pair that’s either new or barely worn! I am always a fan of checking there for more expensive brands – plus, you’d be surprised what products you can find that still have tags on them but are now half the price!


I hope you enjoy some of the products I shared and if you have tried/use any of these already I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much for stopping by!



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