Wednesday’s 13 Under $30 – The Blue Necessities

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I don’t know if its all this rainy weather or I’m just feeling the blue hues this week but seriously, it seems like everything I have bought or want this week is some shade of blue. So it feels only right to share some of my favorites that I found under $30!!! A lot of these are WAYYY UNDER $30 (yaaassss!) so definitely make sure to check them out quick because these styles won’t last long!

Also if you have any questions on sizing don’t hesitate to ask- comment here, DM on Insta, or email us! We are always happy to help with that and after owning our boutique for 7 years we have gotten pretty good at getting you in the right size the first time 🙂


Love to hear your favorites from this collection! Thanks for stopping by!


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