Cabo Vacay Info: Part 2 Restaurants

If you are looking for recommendations on places to stay while in Cabo check out our Cabo Vacay Part 1!

Today we will be sharing some of our favorite places to eat while in Cabo! Like we shared in our previous post, we have been going down to Cabo for the last 18 years with our family! Let me just tell you, Cabo has improved in many ways since we started going down but one of the greatest is the FOOD!!! Today, there are SO many options from all different price points, flavors and experiences.

We are true foodies so you can count on us when it comes to food recommendations… We have you covered!

Here are some of our personal favorite restaurants in Cabo!

The Office- Hands down our favorite restaurant evvvvvvvver in Cabo!!! The restaurant is the perfect Cabo dinning experience! The staff is always on point and the food is incredible!!! The seafood will blow you away with how fresh and flavorful it is daily. This restaurant is located right on the beach and you can enjoy the view of the famous Cabo arch while dining! It is also a perfect choice for day or night dinning. They do an amazing job creating completely different atmospheres for lunch & dinner. During the day it is all blue umbrellas, sunshine and vendor shopping down by the beach! At night they create this completely magical experience with their gorgeous light up heart tree, fire torches, and music! On Saturday and Sunday they have live music which makes the experience just perfection! They also have fun activities such as a picture opts, balloon making and the famous Rambo who is in charge of all celebrations. You MUST try this location while in Cabo…It will go on your list as a favorite without a question!

Flora Farms- The dreamiest location!!! This is an absolutely gorgeous spot! It is about 25-30 mins outside of town but completely worth the drive! Everything is organic. The farm where they produce everything for the restaurant is right there on the same grounds. They also have wonderful activities like movies on the lawn and shopping from local artisans! They are known for their speciality drinks that are not only beautiful but also delicious. We also love their pizza/flat breads! If you have time on your trip to slip away, you will not want to miss this location! So idyllic!


Lorenzillo’s – This restaurant is a classic of Cabo…It has been there forever! It is a beautiful spot on the marina and right in the heart of Cabo! The seafood is great and very fresh! They are known for their lobster and shrimp dishes. You can have these prepared in many different ways…The options are incredible!

El Farallon– It is truly an amazing experience. This exquisite restaurant is tucked into the cliffs of the resort and is the most sought after dinner location in Cabo! The food is incredibly fresh, as it is stocked daily by local fisherman. The restaurant overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the view is amazing!!! This is truly a one of a kind dining experience. If you are celebrating a special occasion while in Cabo, it’s a perfect spot to make some memories you will never forget!

Taco Guss– This is one of our newest discoveries! Cristie and Garrett actually found this on one of their recent trips! This is just a simple taco shop in town, but man is it delicious!!!! You can sit down at one of their few tables while shopping in town or pick it up and take it with you! They have a bunch of different options of tacos and toppings…Perfect for a quick and very inexpensive meal!


Pan Di Bacco – Great Italian restaurant right in the center of Cabo. Everything is made from scratch and it is delicious!!! Try the Verde Lasagna… You will not regret it!

Romeo y Juliette– Another wonderful Italian option! The name alone is so enticing and the restaurant is just charming. The pastas are all made from scratch and so yummy!


Mango Deck– Located right on the beach (Next to the Office) Cristie and Garrett swear by their nachos!! They have a ton of live entertainment…It can get a bit crazy during the day so I would suggest not taking your little ones. They have a full menu and you can enjoy all of the Cabo beach scene right from your table!


Nick-San – These are in the states too! The sushi at this location is some of the best I have ever had! Their hand rolls are delicious and they have so many fresh options it is hard to choose! Great place if you need a little Japanese while in Cabo!

Hacienda Cocina y Cantina– This is located at the Hacienda Hotel in town. Beautiful setting and the Mexican food is so yummy!  If you go, you must try the Oaxaca Lava bowls!!!


Wicked Pizza– If you need to order a quick pizza they have you covered! We order at least once a trip when we are in Cabo! You can pick it up or they will deliver almost anywhere! They have two locations, one right next to Squid Roe (cash or card), and one closer to the Marina (only cash).


We always LOVE to hear about new restaurants and locations! Do you have any Cabo restaurant favorites that we missed?!? We would love to add them to our list to try on our next trip!

Also let us know if you have any questions through commenting below, emailing us, or DM us on Instagram!

We hope these suggestions helped!!!




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