Wednesday’s 13 Under $30 – Summer Sandals

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It’s time to round up the girls and get pedicures because we are getting close to spring break and warmer weather! One of my favorite things about summer is not having to wear closed toe shoes. I hate the feeling of my toes being confined and usually freezing in the winter… no matter how thick my socks. They are always cold! Any one else have this issue?!?  With all that being said, I am so excited that its warming up and its time to start buying sandals!  I am obsessed with all these sandals PLUS they are all under $30 so you can even treat yo’ self to a few pairs!

When buying sandals I look for three things: comfort, quality and cute.

Comfort. The older I get the more comfortability has become a priority. I have a really hard time standing on hard soles and I’m pretty much to the place that if I know I am going to be standing or walking a lot that day – I am going to need something with a softer sole. There was a time when that didn’t matter and I could wear anything if it was cute but that ship has sailed away and I made sure all 13 of these have some comfort! For instance, pair #8 or pair #10 – I see myself living in these and being able to throw them on with jeans, shorts or a swim suit.

Quality. The quality I look for in sandals, especially ones under $30, is a little different than what I would look for in  investment shoes (I consider an investment $100+ shoes). In summer sandals I usually look for quality that will last me at least all summer. In my opinion if a $30 pair of shoes lasts me all summer or more –  I think pretty good return on your purchase.

Cute. Now this one tends to be my wild card because though I most always stick to the comfort and quality mindset- there are times you come across sandals that are just too cute to pass up on. They may be less realistic than other styles but luckily with this grouping they are all relatively inexpensive so it’s okay to know your only wearing them on certain occasions – like a brunch or a happy hour with your girls. Like these flower embellished sandals would be adorable with cropped jean or cutoffs and a cute tee! If am on the fence about a cute pair of sandals that I love but not sure if I should buy, I try to picture at least 3 different outfits I could wear them with so then I know I actually am thinking through them and its not just an excited impulse buy.

Anyways those are my thoughts for summer sandals and how to shop for them! Love to hear your thoughts and what you look for in summer sandals! Hope you enjoy this selection as much as Laura and I do! Thanks for stopping by!


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