Meeting with Traci Connell Interiors- $250 Gift Card Giveaway!!!

After living in our house for three years, we are FINALLY working on finishing out the last two rooms! I love home interiors, so I never would have imagined it would have taken us so long to complete! The first two years in our house we did mild decorating because EVERYTHING was breaking and needing repair (Honestly, what in the world did we even pay our inspector for???). Including our house flood of 2016…We will tell that story at a later time, Ha!

The other BIG reason is because when we moved to Dallas, and into our new house, I wanted to take my time picking out pieces that truly reflected our style and personality. I wanted to make sure I did not rush the process by filling up the house with items quickly and miss out on creating a good design flow throughout the house. Cristie has been a HUGE help as I slowly but surely worked on finishing up my house….She has an incredible eye for home interiors! She also gets my style to a T, so we have loved searching and finding great interior deals together!!!

When the Traci Connell Interiors team reached out to us we were so excited!!! We were already familiar with their work… Everything they design turns out amazing! Check out their IG page here for an sneak peak of their latest home and office designs.

The two areas I have been working on finishing out were our bedroom and our Merritt & Style home office! Honestly, in both of these rooms I had been having a creative block… I just couldn’t figure out how I wanted to complete these spaces.  I knew I needed to make some changes but was not sure what to replace older items with and what art I wanted to bring in…Can anyone else relate?

Our experience with Traci Connell Interiors could not have been better!!! The first thing we discussed is that I wanted to finish out these rooms on a certain budget and that I didn’t need custom or designer pieces (I have two boys under 5: not a great time to put serious money into home decor, Ha!). I just needed some direction on the types of items and sizes I should be looking for online or at my favorite interior stores! It was perfect because they introduced me to their Design Delivered Box service that they offer. This is a service that allows you to have that professional designer component while not breaking the bank! We also loved this service because you can work with them no matter where you are located in the US!

Here is how it works…They send you a short questionnaire. It will ask what rooms you want to work on, about your style and what your desires are for your space! It is so EASY! Then they will compile your Design Delivered Box to help create a turnkey solution to your dream space! This box will include all kinds of fabric samples and swatches, furniture/material selections, remodeling finishes, detailed floor plan and a shopping list with direct links and prices to implement yourself!

Traci Connell approves all of the designs herself so you are guaranteed to receive the best design plan for your space!

Traci and Courtney could not have made my experience with Design Delivered Box any better! I felt like they understood my scatter brained ideas and complied it perfectly within a cohesive plan in my Design Delivered Box.  I also appreciated that they gave me a plan that was very respectful of my budget.

I loved that they included creative design components that I had never considered! This included using the 5th wall in my master bedroom….The ceiling! Honestly, I had never thought about using my ceiling as another spot for an interesting element of design. They provided me with multiple samples of peel and stick wall paper to consider for this space. What a great idea!

One of the best parts of the Design Delivered Box is that they provide an inventory list with links (through email) to ALL of the wall art and decor that they suggest for your space! This is a HUGE benefit, because that takes hours and hours of time to compile gathering up all of this information.  The fact that you get to have a true interior decorator hand picking these pieces is incredible because you know they will all actually work in your space…No wasted time on all the worrying and questioning yourself! These stores include actual locations you would normally shop and are perfectly mixed in with hidden gems I didn’t even know were online options!

5 Interior Tips from Traci Connell:

– Correct proportions- When in doubt, go large! Make sure your lamps and night stands are big enough to not get dwarfed by your bed!   

-Find lamps tall enough for proper direction of light for reading!

-Make sure your area rug is large enough so when you get out of bed your feet don’t hit bare floor!

– Add a bench at the end of bed to put your pillows on or fold a duvet down…Or to allow your puppy to jump up!

– Use washable bedding! What’s beautiful bedding if you can’t use it?

Make sure to follow along on our IG stories for a behind the scenes look at our meeting with Traci Connell!

$250 Gift Card GIVEAWAY

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