Cropped Flare Jeans For Summer

I recently bought a new pair of cropped jeans and now I can’t seem to stop wearing them and buying them haha! They are like the new cool college girl of capri pants and I am all about them!  They are so comfortable and love the high waist support most of them have right now!

I think what I love most about this style jeans is that they are great for all ages. And they’re a great alternative, as summer approaches, for occasions when shorts are not appropriate. So these are perfect to stay cool in, with out needing to wear jeans or long pants. And the flare makes it it way more flattering than a regular skinny jean on your legs! YASSS!

So naturally, when I saw these adorable cropped white jeans from H&M I couldn’t resist!

Style Tip: Since they are cropped jeans I recommend wear some fabulous shoes. Whether its a heel or a pair of great new slides, pick something that fun to showoff! 🙂

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Have you tried the cropped flare jean style yet? Are they a little too out of your comfort zone? If so, I really encourage you to try out this style and see how what you think! I would have thought they not for me until I tried them… and now I don’t want take them off! 🙂

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