Wednesday’s 13 under $30: Tropical Vibes

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Anyone else feeling like they cannot seem to get enough of all the adorable palm prints and tropical prints right now?!? I literally have shopping carts online full of fun little swim suits and dresses and I’m currently just trying to pace myself for buying it all for up-coming summer trips! Summer is my absolute favorite season to shop for, anyone else that way?!? I don’t know what it is exactly, but between personally being almost euphoric that its finally warm and consistently sunny PLUS all the fun bright color clothing- I always seem to do the most shopping damage during this season (sorry Gare!). BUT because I love to shop so much for summer, I have made sure to find some awesome pieces with price points that are easy on my budget but still give me all the tropical vibes. So I wanted to share some of my current favorites that I have rounded up! Hope you enjoy them and as always let me know if you have any questions on sizing! 🙂


 My palm print dress is #1! | My Favorite palm swimsuit is #10!


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