Hair Dream Extensions & Behind the Scenes Hair Appointment!

I am so excited to finally be getting this post together for you all! We have loved getting to hear your questions through emails and DM’s about our hair!  We are excited to start rolling  out more beauty and hair content for you all!

So here we go…. Let’s talk HAIR extensions!!!

A BIG misconception about hair extensions is that they are only worn to add length. This is not true. Many ladies wear them to add extra volume and fullness to their hair! It is AMAZING the difference more hair can make! 

I have pretty much always had long hair. I have found that having length is my best look. I cut my hair in 6th grade which was a BIG mistake, not to mention 13 is a tough age to make a big hair change, HA!  I have kept it long ever since.  I think that haircut scared me for life, lol!

I have always been able to grow long and healthy hair  but my struggle has been that my hair is fine. I have a bunch of it, but because it is fine, it tangles like crazy. Can anyone else relate?

About six months ago I started wearing Bellami Hair Extensions. These are great quality clip in hair extensions, which instantly gave my hair a much fuller look. They are SO easy to wear! When making a purchase this company gives you many options on clip sizes so it’s perfect for every hair type! I strongly suggest having your hair stylist highlight or color your extensions to make sure you have the perfect color match, especially if you are a blonde!

After wearing these extensions consistently for about six months, and after many great discussions with Rachel (@TheManeAuthority), I decided it was time to try some ‘leave in extensions.’ There are multiple options when it comes to hair extensions. I cannot stress enough the importance of researching and finding a quality salon and stylist that is experienced in applying several types of ‘leave in hair extensions.’ I have heard SO many horror stories of people paying big money to get hair extensions only to have to redo them again with a different stylist …or even worse, the extensions pulling out their hair and leaving bald spots…YIKES!

I have trusted my hair care to Rachel @TheManeAuthority  for the past 3 years! When I moved to Dallas I reached out to our friend Ashley @AshleyRoberston for a hair recommendation. (Who has better hair then Ashley….gorgeous and its all natural.)  She connected me with Rachel! If you need a stylist in the Dallas area, Rachel creates hair magic every time we go see her! She is incredibly knowledgeable and has had years of experience with all things hair, so you will be in great hands! Plus, she is a total babe and so much fun to be with!

It’s true that I was nervous at first, about the getting ‘leave in extensions’. Here were some of my biggest concerns…What type I should get (Tape In’s or Microbeads), how much time will it take, the cost, damage, and how I’d have to care for them.

Q & A with Rachel about Extensions:


Types of hair tape ins are best for?

I would recommend tape ins to my clients with fine or thick hair. My finer haired clients love the volume it gives them not necessarily the length they just like the fullness. My thicker haired gals usually go for tape ins for length. I use tape ins as an introductory to any client that eventually wants to try individual extensions- they’re are a bit more expensive and last longer.

How long the extensions last?

Tape ins last roughly 2-3 months and you can re-tape/re-use them up to 2 sessions. The best way to care for them is to shampoo/condition with salon quality product. Using a wet brush and brushing your hair midshaft to ends gently, avoiding the tape at the top! Be sure to avoid curling irons and flat irons at the base- you will melt the tape out! Braiding your hair at night can help with any tangles

Safe for hair?

Tape ins are very safe for hair! As long as the person applying and removing your extensions are doing it properly you should NOT leave with bald spots

Favorite tape in company?

Hair dreams has the best quality tape ins in my opinion. The hair is amazing and blends perfectly. (Blonde hair comes from a blonde for texture matching)

Any products not safe for tape ins?

I think manual care is more important for maintenance. You won’t hurt them as long as you avoid silicone based product.

After I got the extensions put in …. It was LOVE at first sight! They look so natural and were almost weightless! I love that these pull less at the scalp then clip ins and they are SO much more comfortable to wear!

One of my favorite parts is that the weffs are so thin that I can wear my hair straight or curly. I had gotten to the point with my clip ins that I felt I could only wear my hair curly because through out the day as they settled in I felt you could see them in certain spots.

I also love that these are much more like my actual hair texture! It makes it almost impossible to see any difference in my natural and the added hair!

I am currently loving everything about these, but I will do an updated review in a couple weeks.

Please send us any questions you may have! We love visiting with you and I think these would be a great option for so many of you!


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