Wednesday’s 13 UNDER $30 – Graphic Tees

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Anyone else so happy that the graphic tees have made a come back??? They have become my go-to’s during the weekdays. I love how easy they are to throw on with jeans and a cute sandal ( or mules) and call it a day! Especially when the day is full of running errands and you want to be super comfortable while doing it!

Another way I have loved styling tees recently are under blazers! I love doing this on travel days (when I am not in leggings and tennis shoes) because it’s a casual but looks a little more styled. Plus, I am never sure if I’ll be freezing or burning up on flights so it’s helpful for my ever-changing body temps!  If you haven’t tried this look yet I would definitely suggest giving it a try! I get more compliments when I casually pair my blazers and tees together than some of my way more “put together” outfits! Plus its so comfortable…which you know, I am ALL about!

Here are a few tees that I have been loving recently and currently have in my shopping cart! Happy Shopping! 



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