Wednesday’s 13 UNDER $30 – Summer Sunnies

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Confession. I am THE WORST at keeping sunglasses looking good and not scratched. Every time I get a new designer pair I give myself the same pep talk, “Take care of these. Put them in their case when you take them off. You’re an adult who is capable of keeping sunglasses looking good.” And then like clock-work, it takes about 3 weeks to a month and I have either scratched them, lost them, or now what has started to becoming a regular situation, is having an arm of the sunglass broken off by one of my nephews. Anyone else with me? I swear it just seems destined to happen these days. Sooooo I have started investing in less expensive sunglasses and also finding some great dupes for the designer ones I have had in the past!

Now, I am still giving myself the pep talk of “Take care of these better than your last ones,” but at least now I’m not beating myself up if something happens to them. Some of these sunnies that I have rounded up for this post are ones that I have already and LOVE and some of these I currently have in my shopping cart that I plan on buying for upcoming trips!  All are such great options for summer and all the fun in the sun moments that are to come!

Shop sunnies here | Shop outfit details here

Shop sunnies here | Shop outfit details here

Shop sunnies here | Shop dress details here– Dress comes in 6 colors! Use code:SWOON for 50%OFF


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