5 Ways To Throw The Best Bachelorette Party EVER!

5 Ways To Throw The Best Bachelorette Party EVER!

We celebrated one of my bestie’s, Stephanie, bachelorette party this weekend in Austin,TX and had the BEST time! Through-out the weekend I shared some of the fun we had through insta-stories and loved how many questions/ feedback I got through DM’s! I was so excited by how many of you are currently in the planning stages of an upcoming bachelorette weekend (ooh yeaaahhhh!) so I thought it would be a fun blog to share some of my favorite tips and tricks to throw a fun Bachelorette Party! I have rounded up 5 of my favorite ways to keep the day or weekend fun for everyone but most importantly the bride!

1. Know Your Bride.

Sounds simple but sometimes the fun ideas can over look the acutal person you’re celebrating. This trip is all about her (as it should be) so make sure it’s what she wants. Before starting to plan a weekend or trip ALWAYS go to the bride first! See if she has a certain idea in her head that she has thought would be fun to share with her bridesmaids. *Then check in with the other bridesmaids and see the availability schedule wise but also financially. The sister hosting our weekend used this awesome anonymous survey through typyform.com that allow all of the bridesmaids to choose from different spending options. It was such a great way to get a read on the group and the price range to stay in for the weekend. Plus since it was anonymous no one knew who answered which way! *not even the host* This can be so helpful – especially if some are having to travel and adding in additional flight costs!

2. The Bride Is The Focal Point.

Look for ways to create *appropriate* attention for the bride. Some fun ways to do this are by having a little party within the weekend. One of my favorites is to throw her shower at the bachelorette party!  We threw Stephanie her lingerie shower before dinner one night and it was so fun. And it instantly created fun & good laughs before a great dinner! Let the bride pick if she wants a silly game or maybe a fun cocktail to go along with the party. 

But if that’s not what your bride-to-be would want, cater the party to her. Try a having a brunch one of the mornings and have everyone share a sweet memory about her or have everyone bring a keepsake for the bride to represent something in your friendship. Some great ideas would be to share: When you two first met, when you first met the groom, the #couplegoals you love most about her and her groom. The most important part of this is not to buy things but to take the time to lift her up and tell her you love her. Clearly she loves you, she made you a special part of her wedding day!

Other fun ideas would be a pool day at a fun hotel in your city, a cooking class for the whole bridal party to do together, a peddlers bike tour or try a low key stay-in night where you can watch girly movies and pamper yourselves with face-masks and pedicures!

3. Bring Some Fun Decor or Props With You.

This is one of those things that I feel can seem super overwhelming with planning bachelorette weekends. I know a lot of people feel like you have to spend a ton on decor in order to make it fun… well, let me tell you that SPLURGING ON DECOR IS SOOO NOT NECESSARY! Now with etsy and Amazon you can literally find the cutest decorations while still staying within a super reasonable budget.

I shared on Insta stories the Groom “Fatheads” (pictured below!) we made for the weekend. They literally added so much unexpected fun and conversation while we were out and also created hilarious pictures. It was less than $20 for 12 and all I did was email a picture of the groom to the nearest Fedex and they printed them in 5 min! Then we just cut them out & taped them to a stick! The bride loved it… and so did so many people we ran into while out that night!

Here are other Decor/ Props that I love to help create fun memories while staying on budget:

4. Music play list is key!

There is a reason why movies have such good soundtracks, they help create the right hype for the moment! Same thing applies for bachelorette weekends and/or wedding weekends! We played music the whole weekend, especially while getting ready each day. It just instantly created a light hearted and positive energy within the group! We loved going with a lot of 90’s girl pop songs that we all could have fun and sing along with… I mean who doesn’t find themselves instantly singing and dancing to Spice Girls or old school Britney songs.  But once again make sure its the music the bride loves!

Spotify has pre-made playlists that are perfect and you have to do zero work but hit play! One that we loved and listened to a ton was called “bachelorette party!!!” it plays everything from Destiny’s Child to Justin Timberlake to N*SYNC. Loved every minute of it!


5. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously.

Besides the # 1 rule for the weekend which is: it’s all about the bride – the #2 rule should be this: don’t take yourself too seriously. Bachelorette parties already are fun and silly and slightly ridiculous – so just go with it. Nobody likes a “too cool for school” girl. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen bachelorette parties out to dinner or drinks and they are all standing in a circle on their phones or just looking around…. y’all come on now! Live it up! Your bestie is getting married! So unless you are taking a picture with the bride or the group, put your phone away, and LIVE IN THE MOMENT AND MEMORY YOU ARE CREATING! Fun people attract fun opportunities so you have a 1000% better chance of having a great time if you are intentional and actually trying to have fun instead of trying to look like you are on insta stories…We have all seen/thought it and its not tricking anyone.

Many of you messaged me about cute outfits for a bachelorette weekend. I know a lot of brides to be love to do a night where she wears white and the bridesmaids wear all black. Here are some of my favorites of both!

Brides in White:

Bridesmaids in Black:

Also as a final piece of advice because my soon-to-be-30 year old responsibility is kicking in *LOL jk*  but seriously…  Y’all be Smart. Be Safe. And DON’T be the girl in the bridal party that everyone is having to cater to. You can be a diva when its your wedding but stay in check and respect yourself and the bride enough to not make it about you.

A little back ground on the bride. Stephanie was the first friend at college, we instantly clicked and decided to be roommates! We have now known each other over 10 years and in those years experienced so anythings together. Between traveling together, studying abroad one summer and all the numerous boyfriend break-ups we experienced together *que playing on repeat Heartbreaker by Mariah Carey*… She is the kind of friend you hope to have and there is no one that I am more excited for to have found the love of her life.

If you have any questions about planning please don’t hesitate to comment below or DM us! We love all things weddings and would love to help you make your bestie bride-to-be have the best time at her own Bachelorette weekend! Also a HUGE thank-you to Stephs sisters, Ali and Tori, for making this weekend so fun and wonderful!


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