How We Shop for Designer Handbags ~ Keek’s Designer Handbags

Many of you have asked us “Who is our favorite company/location to shop for designer bags?”…And today we want to share our inside scoop with you!! Cristie and I have had a love for designer bags from a very early age, surprise, surprise lol. Surprisingly, our Dad is actually the one who first introduced us to love designer pieces and the ability see the differences as to why they are so special! Of course, years later he joked that it came back around to bite him as our love for these bags grew! Thanks Dad haha!

As we have gotten older and grown to be more savvy as shoppers, we are always researching. We look for those gorgeous quality bags, but take into account the price when looking into new designer pieces. We look at bags as investments and as little heirlooms that we can pass down in our family one day!

As we have bought bags on our own, we noticed that buying a bag directly from a retailer can sometimes be very similar to buying a car. Once purchased, it loses a little value. This led us to start learning more about the niche market of previously loved (used) designer bags! We enjoy shopping and finding the bags we love at a lower price point with little to no wear on them! You all know we love a good sale, so this is right up our alley! Plus designer bags NEVER go on sale, so even to get a couple hundred dollars off is a great deal on a designer bag!

Through discovering this way to shop designer bags, we have found multiple companies that offer these preloved (used) designer pieces . However, we have been the most impressed with Keek’s Designer Handbags company. Their selection of inventory is truly Ahhhmazing! I mean Louis Vuitton Bags for dayyyssss!!!  Not only do they offer a wide selection of handbags & accessories but the quality of what they offer is unmatched. They literally have designer bags in their inventory that have never been worn and still have original packaging!

We also love that Keek’s has 4 storefront locations and an online boutique! This is so helpful to know that you could go in and see, touch and feel these designer bags if you live close to Dallas or Austin. You also can shop them online if you live out of state…And they offer free shipping! The best part of their online is their incredible customer service! You can call and talk to a real person during store hours and they are so helpful to answer any questions you may have!

Keek’s has so many bags that we have had our eye on for years at a fraction of the cost! Their inventory offers designers from Channel, Prada, Gucci to Tory Burch and Burberry. They carry the widest range of Louis Vuitton handbags, luggage and accessories we have ever seen! It is a designer lover’s paradise when you walk into their Plano, TX location. This location has 13,000 sq ft stocked with designer bags just waiting on you!!

Another great part of Keek’s Designer Handbags is that they also offer a “Buy & Sell” service! This allows you to sell them your current designer handbags and accessories and get the updated versions or buy a different designer bag all from one location! You can come in and shop for your new bag while they create a detailed fair quote for your trade-in bag. We love that they offer these services in store on the spot, so that you have no lag time when picking out your new designer bag! It is also so nice to be able to compare and contrast multiple designer bags in one location to see what bag fits your needs and wants best!

Keek’s staff makes you feel so welcomed every time you enter the store. Their employees are well educated on their inventory and spend time with you to ensure you have found the perfect bag to fit your needs!

We are thrilled to share the many benefits we have learned about previously loved designer handbags with you! We cannot wait to hear what you all think of Keek’s Designer Handbags. If this is your first time entertaining the thought of buying a previously loved handbag, believe us Keek’s is your store. Let us know what questions you have about the bags, inventory, “buy & sell” options and Keek’s Designer Handbag company. We are always happy to help! 


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