10 year Anniversary ~ Featuring Rent the Runway

It is honestly hard to believe that this year David and I are celebrated our 10 year anniversary! There were a few things that were very important to me in marking this milestone of our marriage. One of them being that I wanted to take time to do some portraits of just us. We so rarely take pictures just the two of us now that we have the boys so I really wanted to capture this sweet moment in time celebrating this milestone for us!

This shoot was such a beautiful mess. I loved getting to create it with my two best friends by my side, as my sister was behind the camera! We had everything ready to go for the shoot, including the perfect dress and a magical location and then the rain began…If you look closely you will see the rain coming down all around us.

At first, I am not even going lie, I was disappointed and a little frustrated because we had been trying to work around the rain to complete the shoot for a couple of weeks. But now, reflecting on the pictures that we captured, I realize the rain was the perfect addition to the shoot. Because honestly, the rain in these pictures reminds me that, just like in every day life, we cannot control everything but we can change the way we react to it…SO you better believe we danced in that rain!!! What a great reminder that was captured in these pictures we will treasure forever! 

Secondly, I really wanted was to have some time to reflect together on the special memories we have created over these last 10 years of marriage. And to soak in everything that God has done for us, our marriage and our little growing family. Honestly, we have to be so intentional nowadays to carve out quiet time to reflect and pour into one another with the busyness that family, church, school, and work brings to our daily schedules. So it meant a lot to me to be able to stop and very intentionally reflect on where David and I have been and where God has allowed us to go and grow during this last decade! DECADE?! It is still SO crazy to say that!

Lastly, David & I really wanted to take an adventure just the two of us! We were grateful to be able to take a trip to St. Lucia this summer. The entire trip & resort was straight out of a movie scene. It was so incredibly gorgeous and perfect in every way…You can read about our trip & Resort review here!

I was so grateful for the opportunity to work with Rent the Runway for this special shoot! Their extensive inventory of designer rental gowns could not have been more ideal for creating this shoot! I literally found my dream dress for these special pictures within minutes of looking through their site… I was completely in love! This was my first time to rent from Rent the Runway and I was blown away with how easy the process was to complete. They offer everything from every day wear to black tie event wear. They even offer accessories to complete your look! One of my favorite features is that they offer you the opportunity to also reserve a back up size to ensure you get the best fit every time you rent from their collections! This removed any stress I had from ordering without trying on the dress. They ship you your items already dry cleaned and ready to go in protective garment bags so all I had to do is try on my dress and wear!  Their team literally thinks of everything!!! 

My experience with Rent the Runway could not have been better or more seamless for my first rental dresses! Since I went with a full sequin dress I literally was able to remove the dress from the garment bag and immediately wear it out the door…what a dream! I also love the whole rental concept of these high end designer black tie pieces. The truth is after you wear a specialty piece like this dress to an event you are pretty much done with it. What an awesome concept to rent it instead for a fraction of the purchasing price. You can then use that money that you saved to rent other speciality pieces for other upcoming events instead of having all of your money wrapped up in one dress. It allows you to completely maximize you budget and always dress the part for any event that comes your way!

I think it also removes that feeling of “I would love to go but I have nothing to wear” right off the table. Now the perfect dress/outfit never has to hold you back from attending any event!  When dreaming about this shoot I knew I wanted to choose a very special dress but to be honest I didn’t want to drop hundreds of dollars on a dress that I would wear one time. Rent the Runway has completely changed the way I will now shop for any formal events moving forward! I am so thrilled to have experienced that their company truly is as great as all of their reviews!

With the holidays right around the corner this could not be a better time to try out Rent the Runway’s incredible rental inventory! Think about all of the money you could save for all of your upcoming holiday events and parties…Not to mention all the stress you will save at this one stop shop! Also if you have a event coming up whether it be a wedding, a gala, or even special pictures that you are wanting to capture for engagement, maternity or an anniversary Rent the Runway is the perfect place to shop! 

We are SO thrilled to share with you our promo code “MERRITTPERK25” that will save you 25 % off your first order!!! This promo code will not last long so make sure to use it soon!  Make sure to check out their monthly membership offers too for unlimited rentals. Rent the Runway really does offer something for everyone!


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