Sephora VIB Sale: What We Swear By!

TODAY is the LAST DAY to shop the VIB Sephora Sale! Which means its the last day to get 15% off all your favorite beauty products! This is the perfect time to try out new products and also stock up and save on some of your favorites! Also head on over to our stories to see me, Cristie, do my quick make up tutorial from this weekend! Click here to see it! We really wanted this post to be helpful and what we use the most! There are a ton of other products we love and will share at the bottom but these listed are the products we swear by and use every day!!! USE CODE:BIBONUS for 15% OFF!

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 Moisturizers & Serums

Cristie: During the winter months I swear by these 2 products. They have helped keep my face feeling refreshed and hydrated which since I am prone to dry skin is quite the task. The moisturizer I have loved and used for years as my night cream is the FRESH Rose Deep Hydration Moisturizer. It has a heavier a weight to it which is why I usually only use it at night but I will also you it in the mornings when needed. Also the rose extracts in it makes it smell incredible! It’s like a little treat for washing your face at night!

Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate –  This serum I found at the beginning of last winter and it is by far one of my favorite products that I use religiously every morning- its that good ladies! This serum helps to hydrate and plump up your skin which is key to making sure all your make up goes on and stay on smooth and evenly. I have forgotten this on a trip before and literally went straight to the store to buy another one because I hate doing my make up with out it.

Laura: I have been using the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream for my body lotion and it is definitely worth sharing! During the winter my hands and feet get so dry that they can crqack and this lotion is THE BEST! I apply it after I get out of the shower and it makes your skin feel like silk! It’s soooo good- plus it helps keep elasticity in the skin which is always a bonus!


Cristie: Make Up Forever Skin Equalizer Primer – Hydrating Primer –  This is another product you guys have heard me talk a lot about so I apologize for the redundancy but its my go-to primer for winter time. For me keeping my face hydrated is my main battle because as I mentioned before it affects how your make up not only sets on your face but also how long it lasts. I use this right after my serum has a minute to absorb and love how dewy it keeps my make up all day long. I use the hydrating formula but they have all different types depending on your skin type!


Cristie: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation  I actually recently switched up my foundation and went back to this holy grail foundation… and then questioned myself for ever straying away from it because I love it so much. What I love most about this foundation is how smooth and silky for face feels when you put it on. Also depending on your preference or the day, you can use this as a sheer coverage foundation or if you are like me build on it and use it more for full coverage. I use Color 5.5 which is a little darker but works perfect with my self tanner shade!

Laura:  Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation – I have mentioned before that after Chamberlain my face became very sensitive to products and prone to breakouts. The joys of hormones lol! But it lead me dow na very expensive path of trying out a TON of foundations and this one I have now used for over a year and love it! It is full coverage with a matte finish and lasts all day! Plus it is super breathable and also paraben free which I believe helps reduce the chance of breakouts.. because no body has time for that!

Setting Powders

Cristie: I have always been a Laura Mercier setting powder fan but now tend to use it only under my eyes to set my concealer. My new favorite is definitely the  URBAN DECAY Velvetizer it really does make your skin look and feel like smooth velvet! Since my foundation is a liquid I love using this to make sure it sets and stays exactly where it should and this one does a great job of that!

Contour & Bronzers

Cristie: I absolutely love to use the URBAN DECAY ShapeShifter in shade Light/Medium for my contouring palette. The palette has a cream side AND a powder side which we love because it allows you to get a lot of use out of it! I use the cream side to contour down the sides of my nose for a little more prominent love. This palette also has a great shimmer shade that is PERFECT to use as a highlighter on your cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose!

We also both love the Tarte Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess for our bronzer. Since neither of us tan our faces we are all about a great bronzer and the color of this one makes you look like you have the perfect tan! WE LOVE IT! It has two different options a matte finish for a more subtle tan and then the radiant finish – which we both love that adds a little shimmer to our cheek bones.

Laura: I Love the Becca Be A Light Face Palette. I have a lighter complexion than Cris so really love how this palette looks on my skin tone. Its also great to build up if I am tan or the days I have my act together and put on my self tanner lol. Plus the highlighters & blush in this palette are gorgeous! Such a pretty shimmer!


Cristie: So this is another product that we both have used for years! TooFaced Natural Eyes Palette is our go-to for everyday because the colors have the perfect selection for a subtle daytime look or bronzed smokey eye for nighttime! We both have brown eyes but I have friends with both green and blue eyes that use this palette too, because it is so versatile! The pigment in these colors are so pretty and last all day long!

My daily Application goes like this: I use Cashmere Bunny first in my crease, then follow it up with Push Up, I add a little Chocolate Martini on my outer corner when I want a little more dimension, and then apply Silk Teddy all over on my lid. * If I am super tan, I’ll also use honey pot on my lid and as a highlighter on my nose and cheekbones!

If you are looking for an eye primer I definitely suggest the URBAN DECAY EyeShadow Primer. It is ahh-mazing and makes your eyeshadow look/stay on all day and night! I make sure to ALWAYS use this for events and weddings!

Laura: I have recently started using the Tarte In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette because I am really trying to use products wit the least amount of chemicals in them possible. Tarte is such a great brand and known for using only “the good stuff” so I tried and am absolutely in love with this palette! The colors are perfect for everyday wear and then are build-able for great smokey eye combos for evening!


TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara – We are always up to try out new brands but with all different ones we try, we both always agree that nothing compares to this one! It is THE BEST! 2 coats is all you need and you instantly look like you have fake eyelashes! If I am going to an event I will add a 3rd coat and can pretty much guarantee that someone will ask if my lashes are really all mine or it they are extensions. If there is one thing I suggest buying for the upcoming holiday season it is a tube of this! You will be blown away with how amazing it makes everyones lashes look!!!



URBAN DECAY All Nighter Setting Spray – I am a HUGE believer in a setting spray. I mean who wants to take the time to get all made up- only to have it melt off through out the day or during a dinner or party?!?  This setting spray is GOLD when it comes to keeping your make on all day! It promises 16 hours of flawlessness and its one of the few products that actually lives up to its marketing! I just spray it in an “X” and then one more spritz down the middle of my face and you are good to go conquer the day! Also I have a travel size and will mist my face once before we take off when flying! And now it comes in a cherry scent too that smells incredible!


My Favorite lip gloss that plumps as well as hydrates still remains the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss. It comes in three great neutral shimmery color ways but I love it in the Apricot color! I love how it makes my lips look fuller even with out adding lip liner!

If you are in the market for a great fall lip color then you must try the Bite MATTE CRÈME LIP CRAYON in color Glacé. It is the perfect mauve color to wear leading into the wintertime and holiday season. I think I have literally worn it every single day for the last two weeks! lol! It’s such a pretty color and stays on for hours even when eating and drinking!


Y’all I buy this set every year and find some of my FAVORITE lipsticks & glosses in it for fall & winter! They also have such generous amounts in them that I am still using some that I bought with last years set!!! Totally recommend this set!!! Such a great investment!

dry shampooTHE BEST DRY SHAMPOO SET! Party Hair Styling Spray Collection

This set is also perfect if you love finding a great nude lip! I have the Tarte and Huda Beauty out of this set and LOVE them!


Other Products We LOVE from Sephora:







Happy Shopping! As always let us know if you have any questions! We love helping you babes find products you will love and use! 


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