Weekend Stayaction at Great Wolf Lodge!

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This past weekend we had the opportunity to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge resort in Grapevine, TX. This was our family’s first experience with Great Wolf Lodge and our boys could hardly contain their excitement on our drive in! David and I were equally as thrilled to get to check out Great Wolf Lodge’s kids Summer Camp In experience!

What a great concept…A camp/camping experience that cannot get rained out or affected by the weather for the whole family!  You even get to have AC, indoor plumbing and it’s bug free, sign us up!!

When we arrived, we were immediately greeted by the most welcoming staff who made the check-in process fun and easy. They even had a little cabin set-up for check-in. We loved how everything stayed completely on theme with the Summer Camping In experience!

Great Wolf Lodge did not miss any details when planning the Camping In experience. They even designed Camping In rooms that have an adorable cabin set up with bunk beds and the cutest sleeper teepee!  It was absolutely perfect for the camping theme and very functional…These rooms sleep 7!

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We were thrilled that we got to participate in all the Summer Camping In activities from adorable character breakfasts, pool parties, BBQ family dinner, Trailblazer Challenge, & Campfire Ceremonies! Our boys loved every minute of the activities the wonderful Great Wolf Lodge team had created. They literally have something for everyone! We also loved how they got the whole family involved. We walked away from our weekend with so many wonderful memories and pictures. Our boys are still talking about it!



Another incredible part of Great Wolf Lodge is the resort wide attractions. Your family still has access to the whole indoor/outdoor water park, arcade, candy shop, Build a Bear (Being completed this year) kids spa, adult spa, MagiQuest, Ropes Course, 3D theater, Laser Frenze & More! We could not believe how much they had to offer the whole family!

Great Wolf Lodge is also the perfect place to invite grandparents/individuals not participating in the water activities or having less mobility. Great Wolf Lodge has an entire glassed in wall located in the lobby of the resort so family members can watch and not have to miss out on all the fun while staying dry and comfortable inside.  We love that this allows everyone to be included in the experience!

Two things that we LOVED and appreciated in addition to all the incredibly fun activities was the food and indoor fun! We LOVE that Great Wolf Lodge offers so many activities rain or shine! It is such a big blessing to not have to worry about your vacation activities getting rained out or affected by the weather when planning a family trip! Also we were shocked by how delicious the food was the whole trip…Even my husband was raving over the meals! And for those of you wondering they even have a full blown Starbuck’s in the lobby!!

This is the first year they have offered the Summer Camp In and we were thrilled to get to preview the whole experience and share it with you all first! The Summer Camp In will be available May 24th-Sept 2nd and we know it is going to book up quick because it is such a perfect summer vacation/experience for the whole family!! We are also so excited to share that if you book now you can SAVE 15% off by using promo code “SMORES”. This is sure to be a huge hit for your kids so don’t miss out in reserving your room today!

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