Favorite Products for Healthy & Shiney Summer Hair

Let’s talk hair… more specifically summer hair. I have been getting lots of questions about our hair so I wanted to share our secrets about what we use and completely love to keep our hair bright and healthy all summer long. As blondes summer can be super hard on our hair. Not only does our colored hair take quite a beating with the sun exposure and chlorine from pool time, it always seems like we have more weddings and events to attend during summertime. So that means doubling up the heat on our hair when using our blow dryers and curling irons. We are always trying to find ways to keep our hair from getting brassy and totally dry and brittle which are the two most frequently asked questions about our haircare.

What products do you use to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny everyday?

After trying tons of products that say they help with deep conditioning we were thrilled to find on that actually lived up to the promise.  Let me introduce you to Colleen Rothschild and their incredible new line of  Hair Care Essentials! This is a 3 piece set contains a Quench and Shine Restorative Mask, a Smooth and Shine Serum, and the CR Hair Brush and y’all when I say this is gold, mean total hair GOLD!!!

After the first time of trying the restorative mask I was completely hooked. I now use it for every wash as my conditioner and love how it is is quickly repairing and bringing my over-processed hair back to life! YES! The CR Brush is the perfect tool to help really work in the deep conditioner.

Once my hair is towel dried, I love working a few pumps of the Smooth and Shine Serum into my hair before blow drying it. In combination with the mask my hair feels silky smooth after blowdrying… and y’all that is an incredible feat if you knew how dry and brittle my hair has been leading up to now!

Also I am so excited to share that now is the perfect time to shop for these incredible product because Colleen Rothschild is having the biggest sale of the year and offering all hair AND skincare 25% OFF EVERYTHING ONLINE! The sale ends 5/20 products will not last long!

How do you keep your blonde highlights so bright?

If you are a blonde you know how quickly the sun can turn hair brassy and how frustrating that is after spending good money for gorgeous highlights at your salon. Through the years I have tried multiple different blonde purple & blue shampoos to help cut out the over exposure the sun can create and this Bright Blonde Shampoo from Oribe is by far my favorite to keep my blonde bright while also not going to ashy or cool. Since I wash my hair twice a week I like to use it once a week for my hair because I don’t have to use my curling iron everyday which heat off your hair tools is another big contributor to hair yellowing. If you have brighter blonde hair or wash/ style your hair daily you may want to bump that up to 2-3 times a week. I just suggest you play around with it! I like to keep mine in for 3 minutes when at home but will bump it up to 5 minutes if I am on a beach trip or have spent multiple days in higher sun exposure. I highly recommend this product to any blonde as summer is upon us! Such a game changer for allowing me to stretch a few more weeks in between hair appointments!


What curling iron do you use for your beachy waves?

I use the T3 curing iron in size 1.25″ to get my big beachy waves. I have used this curling iron for a bout a year and love it.  I prefer the clip over the wand personally but have tried both and depending on your preference they both work great!


As always, feel free to comment below or DM us with any questions you may have about our hair & beauty routines! A huge thank you to Colleen Rothschild for the incredible products that have our hair looking healthier and feeling better than it ever has.



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