Soaking Up Summer with Hasbro Nerf

Remember those summer nights growing up that were so fun and full of laughter that you remember them like they were yesterday? Slumber parties, pillow forts, and staying up as late as we could. For us, a lot of those timeless memories revolve around running and hiding with our parents or friends during epic Nerf gun battles.  

Now that the boys are getting older, we are having the best time passing down that tradition, thanks to Nerf, during these hot summer days and nights. Our boys running around wide open, giggling and using their wildest imagination are now new memories that will stick with us forever.  

Now that we can pick up new Nerf guns at our local Kroger, we are set to add to the collection and keep the fun going! Pick up your Nerf favorites at your local Kroger or Fred Myer and save BIG with their in store coupons!


And because Beckham insisted, here are his top picks for the perfect Nerf battle that you are now able to pick up at your local Kroger and Fred Myer stores: 

Nerf AccuStrike Mega Bulldog – Beck said this will “definitely make you a bulldog on the battlefield” lol. His favorite aspects on the front gun handle collapses so its easier. 

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rukkus ICS-8 – Beck referred to this Nerf Gun as the “big gahoonah” because it can store 8 darts in its clip. He loved that it allowed him to play longer in between loading his darts back in so it was his “secret weapon to get Aunt Cici” lol! 

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor – The boys spent over 30 minutes seeing who could shoots this gun’s darts the farthest. It shoots as far as 90 feet which had our boys running back and forth across the  park chasing the 6 darts once they shot them all! 

Make sure to check out the #NERFNATION pallets and their amazing coupons next time you shop at your local Kroger and Fred Myer stores. 





This post was sponsored by Kroger. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Kroger.



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