Super Easy & Healthy Breakfast Casserole

If you are anything like me then meal prepping is notify favorite BUT it does help me stay making better eating choices. I tend to only recognize my hunger once I’ve hit the hangry mark, which then it’s going to be a quick run to Chick-A-Fila and theres zero control over my poor decisions and large waffle fries will be devoured in 30 seconds of receiving them lol. Maybe it just me but I am the worst with self control when I’m super hungry so I love this quick Breakfast Casserole that I can heat up and eat for any meal during the week.


I actually found a version of this recipe while we were doing Whole 30 last year and it continues to stay in our routine because of how easy, tasty, and easy it is to make…in that order lol. Must be easy, has to taste good if I’m putting in all that effort to cook something, and it’s always a huge bonus when I trick myself into enjoying more vegetables.  So put on a great playlist and lets meal prep this easy healthy dish together. I’m currently on a huge The Marcus King Band kick so I am cooking to “Homesick” and “How Long” so feel free to join the dance party and lets have some fun.

The best part of this dish is that you can modify or add to it as your taste buds or dietary restrictions prefer. For instance when we first made this we were not doing dairy because Whole 30 doesn’t allow it so we never add cheese but if you are making this feel free to add cheese or a little milk to your eggs it you want them to be fluffier.

Here are our favorite ingredients to use:

1/2 a green pepper

1/2 a yellow pepper

1/3 a white onion

1 stalk of broccoli

1 lb of turkey sausage ( you can use pork or Bacon if you’d rather)

1/2 a frozen bag of Hashbrowns

14 large eggs

1 Tbsp of olive oil (to grease the pyrex)

Salt & Pepper to taste

* I bought all of my ingredients at my local Kroger but you can switch any of these brands out with other brands/ grocery stores*


Start by heating the oven to 400 degrees. As that heats up I brown the sausage on the stovetop and also throw the frozen hash brown into a glass bowl and unthaw them in microwave (usually takes 3-4 min in the microwave).

Take your olive oil and coat your 9×13 pyrex so that nothing will stick to it while baking. Next I add the hash browns into the pyrex, sprinkle some salt in pepper on top and then put just the hash browns in the oven for 10 min on 400 to allow them to cook a little more before you add everything else.

Cut up all your veggies that you wish to add into your casserole. We love these but other great options would be tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, jalapeños…Or you can always just do meat and cheese instead. no judgment here 🙂

Once your hash browns have browned up a little take them back out of the oven and add your meat first and then all the other toppings. Hold out your cheese it you are planning on adding that. You will add later.

The last thing you do is whisk the eggs and you can add your cheese into them. Once completely scrambled and mixed pour over top of the casserole evenly. You want to cover the top as much as possible so go slow and fill in as needed. Depending on how many veggies you add into your casserole you may have to add in another egg so feel free to do so accordingly.

Now that everything is in the casserole and its good to bake on 400 degrees for 23-25 minutes. Its ready to eat once the eggs are completely cooked!

The pyrex should serve 6-8 meals depending on how you cut the slices! Enjoy hot or re-heat for later meals!  Enjoy!


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