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If there is one thing that we love shopping for over in this busy Christmas season it’s travel essentials to get you through the holidays smoothly! This is probably a for sure sign of adulating, but at age 30 & 32 we are all about super helpful gifts that help make our travel days easier! We have rounded up our very favorite items to keep you or your loved one traveling more efficiently and obviously in style this year.

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We have to highlight for the travel enthusiasts this amazing Brookstone luggage set because they are currently 25% off makes the perfect gift for the loved one who is always on the go! What we love most is that they are super durable (aka Chamberlain proof haha) and very lightweight so you can use those extra lbs. for clothes 🙂

My #1 Christmas wish this year is definitely these bluetooth ANC headphones from Brookstone. I have been on the hunt for a pair that are lightweight and stay securely on because no one wants to worry about your headphone falling off during the middle of out favorite chick flick! These headphones checked off all the boxes for me especially needing a good earring case to put them in! I love that they are so chic and neutral in black- making them perfect for a girls or guys gift this Christmas. They also have an amazing pair of earbuds too that are a perfect gift for your love ones  who like to streamline their audio listening while traveling!

Other gifts that we also love to add to our wish lists are these great heated blankets. Whether you love to sleep with them every night or love enjoying them while cuddle up on the couch watching Christmas movies on Hallmark –  they have all sizes from blanket to king size bed options to meet your needs! And did we mention they are the softest thing you will ever wrap around you this winter!

And if you have a music lover like our husbands you have to check out their new portable bluetooth speakers so you or your loved ones can bring their dance party with them whenever they travel. We love bringing ours on trips especially when getting ready in the hotel rooms to get us pumped up for our day with our morning coffee!

We hope that you enjoyed this Travel Essential Gift Guide! Comment below and let us know which item you would love to have as the busy travel season begins!

Thanks to Brookstone for sponsoring this Travel Essential Gift Guide.


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