2020 Goals and Resolutions

Knowing that we would be  in France over New Years  we decided to delay our kick off  of 2020 “resolutions” this year until once we were back.  And then getting home and everyone going down with the stomach flu also was caused a survival mode and an extra delay in start so here we are at mid-January and we’ve decided to let our internal New Years eve ball drop again and hit a restart. January 15 is our official new year! Woohoo!  We are really excited and would welcome anyone else to join us if your year didn’t start as smoothly as you had originally pinned on your vision boards.

Another noteworthy mention is that we like to put our “resolutions” in quotes because I through the years we have chosen to not create definite within our personal goals. We are flawed and will mess up and want to remind ourselves (and maybe remind you as well) that’s there is grace within the trying to better yourself. We only have one life that we (personally) are learning how to live better each day and that means sometimes we will fall off the wagon and order $72 worth of Chinese take-out alone and then there will be somedays we will crush our goals and pop a nice bottle of champ.  We openly recognize that where there’s error; there’s room for growth and we accept that in both of those we need a lot of grace in this life.

So, with further ado, here are some of the things we are striving to resolute this year:


Making more of my time.

I am at a place where I can fully recognize my life is not slowing down and in order for me to be the “me” I want to be, I really want to start taking intentional time out of my day or week in order to do that better. Not necessarily large chunks of time but at least 15min a day to focus and find center. The two main areas I am focusing on this year with this is my relationship with God and with myself.  I really want to be present in seeking a deeper relationship with God and allow time to look for His direction more in my life.

Stop watching TV right before bedtime.

I have created a terrible habit of falling asleep with the TV on. I watch ‘Friends’ every night on Netflix and since they took it off Netflix (still not ready to forgive them yet) but instead of replacing the show with another like ‘the office’, I want to instead use that time to start reading again. I used to love to read and I have completely fallen out of the practice of doing it. I am starting with ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ and would love any other recommendations on other great books to read this year!

Cook at least 1 healthy dinner at home each week.

I love to cook and create meals and really want to get back on track with the habit of cooking again. Towards the end of last year, we ate out a ton because of our busy schedules and I especially didn’t make great eating/drinking choices. I have felt more out of control with food and emotional eating these last 6 months so as a whole I want start making good healthy meals for me and Gare. (side note: Gare is a way more disciplined than me with food, so he is a great partner in helping me stick to this goal… even though it will probably annoy me the nights I want to order one of everything from our fave Chinese takeout spot) .

Start loving myself better.

I feel like all of these resolutions could fall under this since that’s pretty much what a resolutions purpose is – to resolute or decide to do something that in the end betters yourself or life. But for me loving myself better means as a whole finding more love and grace in my body, mentally, and emotionally. Whether that be fueling my body better in nutrition, treating my body better by working out, taking time to mediation for my thoughts and emotions – just over all treating myself better to show that I love it enough to take better care of it as I enter my 31st year. This is resolution I am particularly excited to share more of throughout this year with you guys.

Make organization a habit.

Work, home, personal, social. It’s not my natural bend to seek organization until things are pretty much in a “need to take care of” manner. So, it goes hand-in -hand with making more of my time but I am trying day by day habits that can keep me better organized – like actually hanging my clothes up after I take them off instead of piling up them up on my bedrooms chairs or not waiting until there are zero clean underwear in the house to do laundry J … you know overall better awareness of the organization of my must-do lists.


Be more present!!! And stop trying to be an expert Juggler/ Multi-Tasker!

My number one goal this year to be more present. I have always been (well at least since college and thats pretty much forever) someone who LOVES to multi-task, crush to-do lists and efficiently tackle the daily tasks for work & personal. I have always taken pride in how much I can get done in a day, week, month even when that means multi-tasking things that sometimes are not meant to be multi-tasked. I LOVE the feeling of getting all the things on my to do list crossed off so much that I still create hand written list just so I can have that moment of crossing the task off the list…This sounds crazy to some of you I know lol!

Our society prides women in being the best multitasker, juggler of all things, barely needs sleep, achieve and crush all of your dreams type of boss babe.

Its hard not to feel these pressures isn’t it???

However, I have been spending time reflecting and trying to understand more and more the gift of truly being present and allowing some moments, tasks, and to do’s to be slowed down and done independently from all the other things that need to get done that day. Goal more peaceful less running (literally) from one thing to the next. This chapter of our lives is very busy but I am determined to learn to manage it better!

This is going to involve many things to retrain my mindset and brain but I know it is so important for me and my family. One way I am going to implement this immediately is less time on my phone. Tricky I know since I literally do 90% off my work off my phone but I am going to try to create more structured time off it when I am with my family.

Just Do Me! 

In world where everyone is offended about literally everything sometimes it has us holding back from the good parts of just being and sharing us. You know what I mean? Don’t get me wrong in a lot of ways our society is getting so much healthier talking and processing on so many topics and experiences but it also can feel nerve racking when you are personally sharing and are worrying you may offend someone. This year I am going to get out of my own insecurities and just share everything I can out of love and a genuine place. I am going to stop worrying so much about how did that come across, hope I didn’t sound… etc. Because the truth is when it comes down to it we just have to be ourselves!!! Some will love it and some may not but at least it is a 100% authentic to you!

Time for Mediation & Jesus

This one is something I am going to always be working on improving! This year I want to figure out a better way to daily mediate and spend more quiet time with God. I want to have time to connect with him and truly understand where he is leading me! I also want to make sure I am shining his light before my own.

I also am going to make it a point this year to have alone time. It is so funny as a true extrovert through and through I am most a live and fulfilled in a group of people. However, this has been the first year that I have been craving a lone time. I realize I desperately need it. I said towards the end of 2019 many times to my husband I just need some alone time so bad I feel like I can barely hear myself think lol. And when I think about it I am almost literally never alone.
Between being a momma of two very busy boys, a wife, working mom, etc there is no alone time. This year I am going to work on carving out some deliberate alone time to think, reflect and vision cast/plan. I think it is so important to implement this in order to become the healthiest and best version our ourselves!

Regular Workout Routine & Vitamin/supplements

Who is with me on this one??? I want to get myself back on a regular workout routine that is just apart of my lifestyle again! The truth is I am my best self when I have some kind of regular cardio routine going on. It is amazing how this helps manage stress and literally makes you feel so much better about yourself way before you even start seeing physical results! I will be starting back the same very simple interval cardio routine I started after I had Chamberlain to get my baby weight off! It is so easy and does not involve a membership or gym just you.. almost anyone can do it! Would love to have you join me…I will share more in Insta stories!

I am also going to get my vitamins/supplements in order again! Growing up we were firm believers in vitamins and I still am today! I just need to get myself reorganized and back on track! I will share as add to my daily vitamins!

A big area I will be zoning in on with supplements is my face…Must stop this cyst ache!!!

I will also be kick starting all of this with a cleanse!! David and I are both doing it. I will share more on Insta stories about this too.

More Organized!!! Which will lead to more SLEEP & LESS STRESS! 

Going to be kicking it in high gear with more and more and more organization!!! Working on putting more systems in place for work and personal to help create less stress. This is honestly something I think myself and most of us work on each year. I am sure it will always stay on my resolution list because life is ever changing and there is always more to organize lol! But I want to build on systems that worked last year drop the ones that didn’t.

This will help lower stress and I do seriously see organization helping me get more sleep!!! Already seeing this to be true in 2020!!!

We are really excited for this new year and to better ourselves and be stronger and better for this incredible community! Let us know something you have or want to make as a goal for yourself this year!?!




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