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I have been meaning to order a fan forever to replace the one we had in our bedroom! I wanted something space efficient, easy on the eyes and that had great reviews! I also wanted one that I could have immediately after I decided what I wanted lol. I grabbed this one off of Amazon and we LOVE it!!! You can control the setting on it for sounds, intensity and it has a timer if needed. I highly recommend it and its under $50!  Also has over 5,000 reviews and 4 stars!


Another practical item I have been meaning to research and order for a while is a Sound Machine for my boys rooms! The boys have both been waking up in the middle of the night since the holidays (and before). I think it is all the traveling and getting back in the swing of things. I know having some consistent noise really helps or whole family sleep better…Especially the boys to stay sleep without hearing “scary” noises at night! We LOVE this sound machine! The boys think it is so great because you can change the night light color easily with a hit of a button. It also has 31 smoothing sound options! My boys are absolutely loving it and surprising me on all the sounds they love to fall asleep too! It is under $30 and has over five star rating with over 180 reviews!


I absolutely LOVE earrings!!! And I am obsessed with finding quality earrings for a great deal! I found a few pair of earrings that I am loving right now! The hearts are so perfect for this time of year (even though I will be wearing mine all year round) and they are light- weight! I had been wanting to order some dainty gold hoops and gold ear cuff for simple jewelry days and love these two options!! All of these are under $13


I am completely Obsessed with these tumblers!!! Towards the end of the year David and I were down to a couple of our favorite tumblers (Some get lost, damaged, or run over…cough cough David). These are our favorite type of cups to drink coffee and now basically everything out of! We started out with Yeti’s (which are awesome!!) but then I found these amazing fun tumblers on Amazon that literally work just as well! Not kidding I am so excited about these and went a little crazy gifting these to myself for Christmas lol. But literally they are such a great deal you can get two for the price of one Yeti cup! I also LOVE the color and print options… SO fun and girly! And ladies go for the fun prints and colors not only will you know there yours easily when you are out and about you will also keep your man from trying to commender them lol…Double Win in my book!!! All of these are under $14-$20 and four & half star rating over 1,150 reviews!!


I am SO excited about this item! I have had my eye on it for a long time but wasn’t sure of the actual quality and if we would actually use it. I finally decided to move forward when saw it had 4 and a half star rating and 5,700 reviews on Amazon!!! I ordered it at for David for Christmas and it was so great I ordered a second one 24 hours later for my dad!! I highly recommend this item the reviews were not lying it is great! David has been using his almost every day! It offers a heat and different settings/intensities for your preference. It is great for back, neck, shoulders, legs and arms!

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