Baby Walker #3 is Coming this November

We are beyond overjoyed to announce that baby Walker #3 will be joining us this fall! We cannot wait to welcome Beckham and Chamberlain’s little brother or sister this November!

After a rocky start to this pregnancy and a serious bout of first-trimester nausea I am so thankful to finally be able to share this news with you all! Beckham and Chamberlain have been so excited, which has been precious to watch. Chamb even told his whole class on their first zoom call for school!

Our pregnancies are never what I would describe as “smooth” but this one has been an extra dramatic. Before quarantine started we were in Cabo for the boys’ Spring Break. Cabo is a really special spot for our family, I grew up going there and we take the boys frequently, it is just a place that holds so many memories. I knew beforehand that I was pregnant, but I wanted to wait to share the news with David until we got to Cabo.

I always tell David we are pregnant with baby basketball shoes (he used to be a college basketball coach) and I had packed them with us along with a card I had written to him. We went to a special spot on the beach and when I gave him the shoes he knew right away. To see our sons building sandcastles on a beach that holds so much meaning to us, and to share in this news together; it was such a wonderful moment I will cherish forever.

Nine days later when we were supposed to come home is when the Coronavirus started to explode in the US. They had just started canceling schools and put California on lockdown. We were trying to figure out how to get home because customs and international travel were getting crazy or coming to a stop altogether. We ended up delaying our flight, which ended up being such a God thing because that morning I started bleeding pretty dramatically and knew without a doubt we had experienced a miscarriage.

It was a blessing in disguise we had changed the flight or else that would have happened in the airport or during our flight home. We were able to come back the next day and while I was still bleeding, I was also still experiencing morning sickness. My OB still wanted to see me right away and check everything. I did not want to do that, but I thought maybe I was going to have to have a D&C and that’s why I was still having morning sickness so I wanted to be sure and went in the next day.

I went into the appointment alone and the first thing they did was an ultrasound. The ultrasound tech was taking a long time and not explaining anything to me, and then she found a heartbeat. To say I was completely shocked is an understatement. My OB then explained to me that this is why she wanted to see me as soon as I got back. I could not understand how this was possible after the extent of the bleeding I had experienced. She explained that it could have been a hemorrhage totally separate from the pregnancy which is apparently common but something I had not experienced in either of my pregnancies before.

It honestly feels like a miracle baby to have survived all of this and David and I are completely overjoyed that this baby is healthy and growing. And I finally got on Diclegis so I am starting to see the light at the end of the morning sickness tunnel. God is so good and we just feel so lucky and truly blessed to be able to grow our family.

I also have to give the biggest shout out to Cristie who was so amazing and went out of her way to arrange the photo shoot, glam me up and take these gorgeous photographs. She is incredible and I am so grateful for her.

We cannot wait to keep you updated with my ever-growing bump and the newest addition to our family. Thank you for following along on our journey and for all the sweet messages of support and congratulations we received on Instagram! I truly love being in this community and you all amaze me constantly!


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