The Ultimate Baby Registry Guide

With baby Walker #3 due in just a few months time I have been in full prep-mode! You would think we would have everything we needed but with our babies having such a large age-gap this has been a complete learning curve for me and we are starting from scratch with baby-gear and essentials. My how the baby game has changed in five years!

I have rounded up EVERYTHING you could possibly need to welcome your little one earth-side and here are my (after a lot of research) top picks of newborn and mom-to-be must-haves for your baby registry!

Shop my entire list here!

Who knew tiny people needed so much stuff? They have really come a long way with gadgets and gear since my first baby in 2012… here are my picks of absolute must-haves for those first few months with a newborn!

The most daunting task as a first-time mom can be figuring out what you need to pack in your hospital bag! These are a handful of things I highly suggest you take with you… also, don’t put too much pressure on this part, they truly have everything you and baby will need AT the hospital!

Bath time can be super intimidating as a first-time mom but this is the one area I have learned you don’t need to go overboard with as far as “stuff” goes! A few hooded towels, some extra soft washcloths, and fragrance free baby soap and you are good to go!

If this is your first baby. and your friends and family want to go all out — here are some splurges that are totally worth it!

If you plan on breast-feeding you’re going to want to make sure you add these to your list!

Postpartum isn’t glamorous and these are the least-fun gifts you will ever receive but, trust me, you’ll want to make sure you have all of these on hand when you get home from the hospital! P.S. Don’t ask questions about the Dermoplast…. just BUY IT!

The nursery is the most-fun part about prepping for baby, even if there is a 90% chance they won’t go in there at all the first few months. It helps you mentally prepare for your upcoming new arrival and I always find it calming to just sit in there in the weeks leading up to birth!

Feeding is another thing you won’t have to worry about for the first few month but it’s nice to have on hand whenever you are ready to transition to solids and it’s all so cute to look at! *Pro-tip: don’t stock up on only one brand of bottles… babies are notorious for being bottle snobs. Get a variety pack and see which one your baby likes best before you buy a ton!

What’s on your baby registry wishlist? I would love to know! Comment and share your favorite baby items and I’ll be sure to check them out!


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