5 Biggest Takeaways from the 2020 RewardStyle Conference

Let me start out by stating the obvious, this was NOT a normal RewardStyle Conference (aka RStheCon). Typically, they go above and beyond to host a gorgeous Pinterest-photo-worthy weekend of events, speakers, classes, brand meeting, and more stylish outfits than you’ve ever seen at one time. It’s like walking through the top #ootd section of your Instagram feed.

COVID put a wrench in this years originally planned conference, BUT moving this informative and educational weekend online allowed for us to really take in and absorb all the great information shared, and we wanted to highlight our biggest takeaways from this years virtual conference while it was still fresh!

Let your analytics do the work for you.

Frequently looking at (and understanding) your analytics is one of the most beneficial tools to grow your following and your business. Look back at the last week, the last month, the same month last year… What gets the most comments, questions, engagement? Plan your content around them, by understanding what your audience responds to and purchases you will be able to clarify your brands niche and speak directly do what your follower wants to see.

RewardStyle has so many amazing analytic features built in (particularly in the new LIKEtoKNOW.it app) there’s no reason not to take advantage of these important numbers when they are so easily accessible.

Plan your content.

Planning content gives you more free time. This is something we’ve done on and off for years but hearing some top influencers speak on how this is key for their business and work/home life balance — this definitely something we want to put into action consistently.

Study brands and consider their goals.

If there are brands you want to work with spend time paying attention to their goals and where they want to be. See if your brand lines up with their values and what content their audience responds to. A partnership will form more organically from this connection than “cold calling” brands that don’t align with where you want to be or the content you create.

Same goes for brands that reach out to you for a partnership, if they don’t line up with your content or audience your followers may lose trust in your sponsored posts… which in turn can cost you much more than a quick promo.

Growth is happening.

New bloggers this one is for you! This industry is growing like never before. With COVID changing lifestyles for the foreseeable future there is more online shopping happening than ever before. Not only that, but brands are relying on influencers to create promotional content for them. There is space for you, and now may be the perfect time to jump in!

Instagram isn’t the end all be all.

While Instagram fame seems like the quickest way to influencer success, there are so many other social channels you can have successful content on. You don’t want to focus solely on ONE platform, have different pockets where you promote your content. From Pinterest, to your blog, YouTube, Facebook groups… the potential for growth on different channels is endless. To sum it up: don’t measure your success from your follower count alone.

*Top three FREE tools and apps to take advantage of:

Canva – Basically a free photoshop you can use on your phone or computer. This is great for stepping up your graphics on the LTK app or even in your Instagram stories. We use this daily!
Bazaart Art – This is one we hadn’t heard of before but it basically makes you a graphic designer without all the school. A great platform to make beautiful collage and stories.
Tailwind – This Pinterest and Instagram scheduler not only helps you plan your content, it also gives you access to amazing analytics. One of our favorites!

Dress for the part! Because we had one on one brand meetings we needed to up our WFH wardrobe and these two outfits were stylish, professional, and (most importantly) comfortable for a long and productive day of virtual learning! Bonus, both dresses are under $70!

Did you virtually attend RStheCon this year? We would love to know what you thought of the speakers and content!


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