Best Aluminum Free Deodorants

I’ve always been aware of the proven links between aluminum deodorant and breast cancer. (If this is news to you here is a site that has done the research linking the two and I highly encourage you to be informed. )

Growing up our mom always would remind us that you need to wait a while for your under arm pores to close after shaving before putting on deodorant. Like most parents words, I can still her my moms voice every time I shave so I have gotten in the habit of showering & shaving in the evenings before bedtime. Until recently I have just used a regular deodorant with an not thought twice but as I’m getting a little more well versed and doing my own research I decided it was time personally to make the switch and use a non-aluminum deodorant. It’s was quite the journey and because I’m smart I chose to do my research and try multiple out during the hottest month… Call me crazy or Efficient bc the Dallas triple digit weather helped me quickly identify which worked and which definitely had me t-rexing my arms to prevent anyone else recognizing my deodorant was not working.

I tried out 3 very popular known non-aluminum deodorants.  I am happy to report that native has been the ONLY deodorant to actually to its jobs. (Maybe pulls some facts of native website)

I highly suggest doing the research yourself and recommend trying Native deodorants as a great alternative to your previously used deodorants.


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