What I’m Packing in My Hospital

You’d think I would have this down being my third baby and all, but I feel like things have changed so much in the few years that have passed since I had Chamb that it’s been a learning curve to figure out which new baby gadgets I need or don’t. I WILL say, that the hospital provides most everything you NEED but there are ton of things you may WANT, especially now that visitors can’t come in and out and grab things you may have forgotten!

Here’s a roundup of everything I’m packing for baby Callahan! I cannot wait to meet this sweet boy and it is crazy to think he will be here in just a few days!

Of course you need all the photo worthy goodies, but this Little Giraffe blanket is truly the best gift you could give a new mama! My older boys still sleep with theirs and it is beyond soft!

Hospital light can be super harsh but this nightlight is dimmable, cordless, and is a complete game-changer for mid-night feedings. I also love a white noise machine and this portable one is great for travel or sticking in the stroller or carseat if we are out and about during nap time!

A few essentials for nursing! This nipple cream is a must while your body get adjusting to feeding.

If you’re going to nurse button down pajamas and open robes are essential and these ones are so soft and comfortable.

This is a #1 necessity for me, sheets and towels. Just a small comfort that really does make a huge difference for my overall experience, and David who will be on a not-so-comfy cot.

What did you pack vs what you actually used? I would love to know!


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