Extra Thankful For the Little Things This Year

I think we can all agree that it’s been quite a year! But there are so many unexpected positives that have come out of this season of extra togetherness, and I can feel the shifting on the emphasis of the holidays from frantically stressful and constantly feeling rushed to slowing down to savoring the small moments. We have started celebrating and embracing the everyday moments that were often ignored or rushed through and, for that, I am so very thankful. Especially with small children, I know these fleeting moments are the ones I will cherish the most.

Making little memories around the table in the kitchen with our family have brought us so much joy this year. We so look forward to our nightly family dinners and game nights around our dining room table. The boys have been extra interested in helping out in the kitchen lately and this homemade hot chocolate recipe was a hit! We made this Thanksgiving morning and may have to implement it as a new low-key holiday tradition.

With the kitchen being the center of home (and a Thanksgiving essential) I’ve been extra conscious to make our dining experience as cozy and relaxing as possible. Elevating our everyday dining with a few extra seasonal decor items that won’t break the bank. Walmart has everything from tabletop decor to cozy home finds and all your baking essentials that are sure to keep your home festive all year long. Their selection of home decor and kitchen gear is incredible with so many items and styles to choose from. The prices at Walmart are always amazing and I know I’m getting the best deals on anything I buy. Plus, with their pickup and delivery options it couldn’t be any easier to shop for all my holiday needs. I love that Walmart helps simplify all my Thanksgiving and my everyday needs.

*A special thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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