Brunch with Santa at Four Seasons

Four Seasons Resort and Club in Dallas is such a special place for our family and is filled with so many wonderful memories. Our whole family has been going there since we were kids for brunches and dinners so it’s always magical to see the next generation making memories there. We even had Cristie’s wedding weekend there so it’s truly full of special times and joyful moments. Even the lobby was a Christmas dream come true, their decorations were set up beautifully.


Keeping up with family traditions, we enjoyed an incredible breakfast with Santa at LAW restaurant. The staff is wonderful and always makes you feel so welcome. They were so sweet with the boys and provided letter writing sets to send to Santa. Callahan’s first visit with Santa was extra magical, he was a huge fan until he had to share him with his two brothers. It made for a truly Texas Christmas complete with Holiday Steer.

Four Seasons Dallas is always our favorite place to stay, the resort is so beautiful and peaceful it makes for the most relaxing staycation.


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