Baby Taylor is on the way! An IVF Success Pregnancy Announcement

Sweet Baby Taylor we have been praying for you for almost 3 years (991 days to be exact) but God knew 2020 would be the perfect time for a little miracle. The wait was not always easy, but oh sweet baby o fours, we can’t wait to share with you how much you have been loves and prayed over long before you were ever created.

Though this day is a dream come true fur us, we fully embrace and send our love to everyone who is in a season of waiting. We know that waiting can feel like forever, but know that you are loved, seen, and prayed for  by people that have been right there with you. We pray that God will meet you in these moments like He has for us and send you sweet reminders of His presence and love.

Here are some other adorable ways to announce your pregnancy:

And here are a few dresses similar to the one I’m wearing that are still in stock!


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