How I’m Saving Money on Groceries This Year

Finding the best prices on groceries and getting them to my front door has never been easier. Walmart’s Online Pickup & Delivery services is my #1 most used service ever! I can order all of my groceries and everyday needs directly from the Walmart app and have the same fresh items I would find in store! With the press of a button I can schedule free pickup for orders over $35! With my Walmart+ membership I can even get items delivered directly to my front door for free.

My favorite part is that it remembers my most-purchased items so my grocery list is already pre-made for me! I can shop knowing I’m getting the best prices by shopping at Walmart compared to other retailers!

I did a basket comparison between Walmart and Kroger for a few staples in my pantry and was so excited to see how much I was saving by shopping at Walmart! I’ll be saving money (and time) all year long by shopping with Walmart and utilizing their amazing Online Pickup & Delivery services.


*A special thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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