Tips for Planning Your Dream Disney World Vacation in 2021

Planning a Disney World vacation can be an overwhelming and expensive task. From booking the park tickets to deciding where you want to stay, there is a lot of thought that goes into it. If you’re planning your dream Disney World vacation in 2021, here are some tips for making it as magical as possible!

We LOVE Disney! We have been going since we were little when we lived in Orange Country, CA! Now getting to experience the magic of Disney through our little ones eyes is the absolute best!

Stay at a Disney Resort on the monorail or bus if you can! It is seriously such an amazing experience that will change your vacation for sure. No more driving, parking fees and trouble navigating in crowded lots – just take our all-inclusive Magical Express to start with then use any transportation option of choice while staying there too (including walking). You’ll love being able-to enjoy everything around Walt Disney World.

We have had the opportunity stay at various Disney properties and we also stayed off site. I must say that our last trip was incredible! We stayed at the Grand Floridian which is located so close to all the parks and the amenities were fantastic. The boys absolutely loved their pool, water slides and splash zone options! We used it almost everyday of our trip!

The staff was amazing and the room were wonderful! Incredibly clean and spacious! Another huge bonus of the Grand Floridian is you can watch the Magic kingdom fireworks show every night from the resort!! Such a great option to see the show with out the mass crowds of people and you can dine while you watch!

They have a wonderful princess/prince dinning experience too at this resort that we did on our last trip!

The Disney magic bands make it so much easier to have a magical vacation. With everything conveniently right there on your wrist, you can enjoy the park without anxiety about losing anything or needing another key for emergencies!

Reservations are SO important on all things dinning at the Disney parks and resorts!!!

David and I tried to plan ahead to create successful days for our little Walker crew bc we knew it was going to be busy and hot at the parks. Each day we had set up reservations for one sit down meal in the parks. I HIGHLY recommend this no matter what time of year you go! It u it’s such a blessing to have a set plan and time that you know you will be able to actually sit down and relax for a bit instead waiting in line for food and trying to piece together a seating situation in the grab and go eateries at the parks! This gives your group time to relax and recharge so you can finish it so out your day strong!

We used these meals to not only eat but organized our stuff, charge up devices, make sure kids took time to really hydrate, fill up water bottles and have access to less crowed bathroom options!  This is also the only way to get character experiences right now at Disney! We only did one character dinning Everything else we choose we’re just great dinning locations within the park and resort! (Stay tuned for a blog on our favorite places to eat at Disney World)

Our one little set-back on this trip was the wagon. All wagons at this time are not allowed in the parks. I will say it was still perfect for us to use at our resort and at Disney Springs! Next time we will bring a stroller!




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