The Perfect Neutral Winter Nail Look

Ready for a nail look that will go with everything? This winter, try a neutral mani! Whether you want to keep it simple or add a bit of detail, here are some ideas to get you started. Keep your nails looking perfect all season long with these easy tips!

Here are a few of our favorite tips for making an at-home manicure last:

1. Start with clean, dry nails. If your nails have any old polish on them, make sure to remove it completely before you start. Otherwise, the new polish won’t adhere properly and your manicure will look sloppy.
2. Apply a base coat. This will help protect your nails from staining and make your manicure last longer.
3. Choose your polish color. For a classic nude look, try OPI’s ‘Alpine Snow.’ If you want something a little more glamorous, go for Essie’s ‘Marshmallow.’
4. Paint your nails! Make sure to use thin, even strokes for best results.
5. Apply a top coat. This will give your nails a glossy finish and help them resist chipping.
6. Let your nails dry completely before doing anything else. Once they’re dry, you’re ready to take on the world!

A nude or pale pink manicure is the perfect way to add a touch of class to any outfit this winter season. Plus, it’s super easy to do at home! Just follow the simple steps above and you’ll have salon-quality nails in no time.


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