Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from you guys! We always love answering your questions so if there is something else you want to know feel free to DM us or email us!

How tall are you both? 

Laura is 5’6 and Cristie is a little shy of 5’6 as well!

What is your age difference? / Who is older?

We are 17 months apart! Laura is older but everyone thinks Cristie is… which was wayyy more fun for her to hear in college than now lol!

What is your favorite self tanner?

Laura loves to this and Cristie has been using this for the last few months and love it! both are great options but definitely suggest investing in the tanning mitts!

Do y’all use a wand or curing iron?

Laura uses the Drybar  3-Day Bender 1.25″ Digital Curling Iron (shop it here)

Cristie uses the T3 Singlepass Curl 1.25″ Professional Curling Iron (shop it here)

What type of hair extensions do you wear? 

We currently have Tape-ins and LOVE them! Here is a post we did talking all about the process!

What is the white nail polish/gel color you both always wear?

We both love “Funny Bunny” color shellac by OPI.

How did you come up with your blog name?

Our maiden name is Merritt so it seemed like the perfect way to link us as sisters for the blog. Plus we have always loved it as a last name so it was fun to be able to use it still now that we are both married!

Are you both married?

Yes! And we both hit the jack pot lol! We are both luckily to have married 2 incredibly supportive men who have 100% back us on starting our blog and encourages us to take the leap of faith! Laura is married to David and just celebrated their 10year anniversary which you can read more about here and here. They have 2 boys Beckham and Chamberlain.

Cristie and Garrett have been married for two years! Both of us met our husbands in college!

Where did you both go to college? 

We both went to the same private christian college in Arkansas called, Harding University. Our parents went there as well!

What did you do before your blog?

We co-owned a clothing boutique together for 7 years called ShopBellaC. You can read all about it and why decided to transition it into our blog here.



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