Whole 30 Diet: Week 1 Recap!

Officially completed week 1 of the Whole 30 diet.(YAYYY!)  I feel like we say this a lot but seriously, you guys are the sweetest, most supportive followers ever! I have absolutely loved all the support, feedback, tips and recipes y’all have been sending our way! Laura and I really do say to each other all the time how grateful we are for you all! Even though we pray for God to show us His will with this blog and though we may not fully understand the reasoning God has in continuing to bless us with this platform, we know part of it is definitely to have the opportunity to meet and get to know so many incredible people! Every new person and story we hear of/ from we are blown away with gratefulness to have had the opportunity to connect with you! We LOVE getting to hear the things that are of interest to y’all and were so excited when so many of you reached out wanting to know more about our experience with Whole 30!

A little back ground on why Garrett and I are doing the Whole 30 Diet. Embarrassing as it is, this last year we have eaten mostly like crap, even more embarrassingly, I usually eat worse than Garrett. Sooo hitting the reset button was something that needed to happen for a long time. Like most people, our unhealthy eating habits started out of being ‘too busy’ or ‘too hungry to cook’ by the time we were ready to eat. Which then turned into eating out a lot and/or picking up quick and not necessarily healthy food options. I was raised to always have something green on my plate. My mom no matter what she cooked had either a salad or a green vegetable on our plates with any and every meal… and still to this day cooks like that. So I grew up knowing to eat healthy but in the last couple years kind of fell out of the habit and lost the taste for a lot of vegetables ( sorry Mom!).

Besides the ‘I would like to actually feel good wearing a swimsuit this summer’ thought, I really wanted to re-teach myself how to cook healthier options and more importantly love those healthy meal options. One of my friends who is a nutritionist recently said in a Q&A that her advice to anyone was to “learn to love vegetables” and after reading that plus also never feeling good after the meal choices (supreme pizza, chicken fried rice and all the other crap) I’ve been consuming I told Gare I wanted to to Whole 30 and he said he was all in to try it too! Love that man!

My goal in doing this is to re-train my taste buds to enjoy healthy options and then incorporate some of these ( surprisingly good) meals and better food choices into my daily routine after the 30 days are over. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I will still definitely be enjoying fried rice and pizza after this but just not of a regular basis and hopefully with healthier substitute options!

So with week one in the books, here are some of our favorite recipes and meals we made:

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Okay. I loved this meal. It is so yummy! And the diced cauliflower instead of rice really is so good! I didn’t take a pic of it because being honest, we ate it so fast that night it was gone before I remembered I needed to haha! BUT here is what the left overs looked the next day!

Here is the recipe we used. Also below are some of the adjustments I am going to make to it next time I cook it just for a saltier and less sweet taste.


Turkey Taco Salad

This was a night that I needed something quick and also worked with what I had in the fridge. So we had lean ground turkey (we actually prefer it over ground beef), a bag of mixed salad greens, salsa and come avocados so I threw it all together and viola! Healthy taco salad! We have absolute loved this salsa and will continue to buy it after the diet because it has such a great flavor to it!

Salsa Chicken

We made this last night. Super easy. Just cooked two chicken breast on the stove top with a little Ghee butter and garlic salt and added that same great salsa on top at the end! I paired it with half of an Avocado and some steamed green beans. Super yummy!


So lunch this week was many versions of the same thing. Either peppers and this incredible Wholly Guacamole I picked up at Costco + hard boiled eggs. I’d also do a Banana with Almond Butter and 2 hard boiled eggs. Or we would have left overs from the night before.

I also love these Sausages for breakfast or lunch. They are pre-cooked so you can microwave them and they have a really good taste to them! Here’s what they look like! *Just make sure you buy the one with no sugars added!*


For us breakfast is pretty underwhelming. It usually consists of 2 hard boiled eggs and either a banana or apple. And then of course coffee. I do miss creamer but I am getting used to drinking it black or some days I’ll add a little condensed coconut milk in it to give it a little sweeter taste!


Thank y’all so much for stopping by! If you have any questions about the diet let me know! Also if you have done Whole 30 and have a recipe you love please share it below or DM us! We would love to try it!


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